Hi, ya'll!

Not sure if you'll believe this, but right now I'm writing straight to you from an ortho office!! (they have these computers and lots of other cool stuff) Thanks to everybody who's gone and checked out my other blogs, Dragonmaster and Rubberboot Girl (which is my lastest creation!). Just wanted to say... have you noticed my new page? It's called Jo, Mike, and Bradyn, and has a story that's written by a friend of mine that's called Ryder. And guess what? Ryder has a blog!! It's pretty knew, and is still kind of in progress. It's called Twilight Ryder, and at the moment I'm not quite sure what the web address is (remember--I'm at the ortho's office. I can't check history). :D

Hope you're having a great day! Keep a look out for more stories by Ryder!


*This message was approved by Ryder.
*The usage of Ryder's story on this site was approved by Ryder.

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