Princess Carly

If I'd ever been a perfect princess, that something was definitely wrong. Now, as I glanced around the garden, I knew that I'd never, ever be the perfect princess. My mind was way too full of un-princessy things--climb that tree. Swim in that pond. Try and capture that bird. I knew that Governess Willa would've been having fits if she could read my brain.
   Thankfully, she couldn't read my brain.
   "Princess Carrrrrllyyyyyyyyyyy!" came the shrill voice that I knew all too well.
    I quickly dropped to my knees and looked around. I couldn't yet see her, but I knew she was in the garden--somewhere. Crawling through the muddy garden, my dress getting horrible stains all over it, I finally found a rose bush that would work for my purposes. I smiled and started my way through the prickly brambles.
    "Princess Carly!" cried Governess Willa in surprise as she grabbed my sash and pulled me out of the bush, snagging my frizzy-curly brown hair.
   "Youch!" I shrieked. "Why'd you do that?"
    "Why did you do that, Carly, not why'd you do that," scolded Willa. "Really! What're princesses coming to these days?"
    I frowned at her. Little did I know what was going to happen...

So, as you can guess, this isn't me, Storyteller, talking. This is a new story idea of mine about Princess Carly. I won't tell anything more, but keep an eye out for Carly's tab!


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