The Mists of Time

Once upon a dragon's scales,
A brownie listened to these tales,
Of maidens fair and knights sublime,
Time after time after time,
Slaying dragons, the horrible beasts,
Celebrating afterwards with the feasts,
Maidens sent off to a dragon's lair,
Is there a dragon, swooping in the air? 
Times of great feats are gone,
Off in the winds of Time,
Gone are the great acts of knights,
Knights of heart sublime.
Gone are the praises to heavenly kings,
Gone are the praises, through the air rings,
Gone are the beautiful hearts sublime,
Lost in the mists--mists of 

Once upon a Storyteller's Pages,
That echoes throughout many ages,
Tales of hearts pure and sublime,
Time after time after time,
Stories of many a daughter and son,
Look for Jesus, for he's the One,
Wonder if you're walking on air?
If there's someone with a care?
You feel as if you are lost,
Wondering what is the cost,
Of the hearts sublime,
Lost in the land of Time,
Will it ever come back?
Or be lost for forever?
Will the knights fight?
Win the worthy endeavor? 
Where are the beautiful hearts sublime?
Lost in the many mists--mist of Time.


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