Book review--Bud, Not Buddy

Book review--Bud, Not Buddy
Author: Christopher Paul Curtis
Rating: 2/3
Category: historical fiction, The Great Depression, music/jazz

Yup! The one I was talking about earlier (see The Mighty Miss Malone book review). I have to admit that I read the companion (The Mighty Miss Malone) before the first one (Bud, Not Buddy). And, frankly, Deza Malone isn't in it very much. I'd be kind of interested to know what made the author (Christopher Paul Curtis) write a whole book about Deza. (because she was in barely a chapter). Anyway, so do you want kind of a funny book that's historical fiction? Bud, Not Buddy combines the feeling of an orphaned black boy in the Great Depression with the soothing beat of jazz into a story that captures your heart. (ask your parents as always!!)

Happy reading!


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