Contest Reminder

It's almost July... have you heard about the writing contest? It ends on the first. Don't forget to post your short story! Good luck!


(*note: if you cannot find the contest in my archive for some very weird and random reason, you may [only if necessary] post your story on the comments that come with this post) 


  1. Hi Storyteller! I never got around to telling you your welcome for posting how to do a blog button.... Your welcome!!!

    I did change my blogger name so just to give you a heads up this is Constence from "Totally Me":-)


    1. Hi! Welcome back!! (I saw you were gone from your blog). :D Thanks again, but I couldn't quite get it to work... anyway... thanks. =^) Oh, OK! I was pretty sure. I just went on your blog one day and it was like "Madeline" and I was thinking, "hmmm, I think this is still Constence..." :D Thanks for telling me, anyway! Thanks for visiting and all that great stuff! I know you commented on my story about Alex and Andria, and if you wanted to "learn more" you could go to a site that I made up just for them. (just go to my blogger profile) Thanks for catching up!



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