Your Blog Is Great!!


I just got this idea from Madeline's blog, Totally Me (found at, about the Your Blog Is Great award! Amazingly I just looked it up online and found the same picture...
  So, I'm going to do this a little bit differently, Madeline (since I'm not quite sure how you exactly did it...). But I guess I'll stick to the basics. =^)

Okay, here are the three people! (I know yours was five, but anyway...)

Ryder, of Twilyte Ryder (
Otter Days, of Otter Days (
Bethany Faith, of Season For All Things (

Congrats, guys!


P.S. Like to do this, too? Basically, I got the picture off the web (just type up your blog is great award and go to images and you should be able to find the same picture). Then award as many people as you like with it. If you want the "official" rules to this, please to to Madeline's blog ( Hope you guys enjoy!!

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