The Fairies

Midnight comes, falls,
Fairies come, calls,
Out in the freezing night air,
Dancing without a care,
Flittering dancing in the light,
Softly coming, only at midnight,
Tittering, laughing, across the glen,
Away from the world of men.
Dancing in the fairy ring,
Raising voices, hear them sing,
Beautiful, enchanting, eerie,
Fairies, of us, are leery,
For what would we do to them?
If they were caught?
They would be hunted down,
Forever to be sought.
So now they only venture out,
At the stroke of twelve,
And into the fairy ring,
They come and delve.
Voices raised and feet floating,
They dance around the ring,
Listen, listen can you hear them,
Raising their voices to sing?


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