One man who knows more than he reveals; two humans with the taste of adventure on their tongues; an elf with the spirit of a great warrior; and a child who will change everything.

One old man who is more than you think; a human boy who only wants his cousin back; a human girl whose thirst of adventure cannot be quenched; an elf with the magical weapons of a strong warrior; and an elf-fairy child that will one day rule the world.

These people--one man=old man; two humans=boy and girl; elf=elf; child=child--are what ElfJourney is centered on; a story of how a young elfin aunt will do anything to get back her niece, and how a young human boy will do anything to get back his cousin; and how, at the end, it twists around into a finale that leaves you breathless with excitement.

OK, so in poetic words, I guess that's what you could call the story I'm working on!! I originally wrote the book when I was a little kid, but I'm re-doing it! It's actually a really good story, and I'm changing it around A LOT!!! It's one of my favorites considering that I love the elf, Constance.

Hope you guys are looking forward to it! I'll be posting it soon!! (well, as soon as I finish it...) =^)


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