Book review--Sleuth or Dare Series

Haha, I believe that book reviews are still winning! Yeah, wow... It's kind of weird. Anyway, here it goes!

Book review--The Sleuth or Dare Series
Names: (of the first two books, which are the ones I've read)  Partners in Crime and Sleepover Stakeout
Author: Kim Harrington
Published by: (I kind of forgot to add this onto other ones, but anyway...) Scholastic
Category: middle school, mystery, nerds ;)

So this series is a mystery series, following two 12-year-old seven graders named Norah and Darcy (and following from Norah's point of view). When a school project--starting their own business--seemed pretty easy, they never expected to get actual results. Their business? A detective agency. Yep, don't want to spoil the whole thing!! (as always, ask your parents!!)




  1. i didn't know it was a series!!

    1. Yeah, it is!! Is there a movie or something? Welcome to my blog! Hope you enjoy!


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