The Green-eyed Girl Prophecy

Land of fairy lanterns, glowing in the trees,
The turning, frothing waves of the seas,
Waterfalls that tumble from mountains high,
Wizard fireworks exploding up in the sky.

Waterfalls tumbling from the mountains tall,
The magical unicorn in the palace stall,
Auras bright with the nature of their worth,
Mushrooms glowing at the baby's birth.

The child of legends, the green-eyed girl,
Soon the sails of the ship shall unfurl,
Her destiny shall ride on an eagle's wing,
As her heart the fairies come and sing.

Palace tiles of ornate design,
They shall soon be mine,
As the wizard, evil, he shall come,
Destroying the good of some.

But the girl's destiny, the prophecy of green,
Look for the child, for she has seen,
What shall come in the future far,
Following the unmoving blue star.

Swords clashing, arrows flying,
Elves fighting, fairies dying,
Green-eyed protectors may have been,
But know they're lost to the Glen.

Hide now, girl of prophecy,
For soon you shall see,
That your end will otherwise come,
And you will be of the dead some.

So off she fled, into the countryside,
Where others have come and died,
She flew on the wings of eagles soared,
Running from the evil lord.

The child of legends, the green-eyed girl,
Soon her fate, the ship's sail unfurl,
She'll run faraway, off into the blue sky,
On the wings of eagles, away she'll fly.


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