Random 101

Random fact: I love dill pickles.

Random dream: I was riding a bike... kind of weird.

Random thought: I love the name Jessica, but I like it as either Jessie or Jess.

Random new-thing: I'm putting up comment moderation. It only means I check out the comments before they're published, so please still keep the comments coming!!

Random reminder: Please enter in my story contests!! There are ones on both Dragonmaster and Rubberboot Girl. Please enter!!! =D

Random thing: my cat has green eyes.

Other stuff: Did you guys like the preview about the letter to that girl Jo from the girl named Willow? Please tell me what you think!!

Random other thing: Do you guys know of more blog awards??

Random thought: Would you guys want to see more pictures, or do you like book reviews? ;)



P.S. Sorry if this post was boring.

P.P.S. Sorry for being so random. =D hahaha


  1. There's the Versatile Blog award. Just sayin'...

  2. To answer your question, I would like to see pictures better than book reviews, but I like stories better than both of those.

    1. Haha, did you vote book reviews the first time?? ;) You can change your vote, just to say. Yeah, I'll try and post more stories. Bye! Thanks for commenting!!

  3. Okay, whoa. Do pickles and writing lovers go together or something? I am a HUGE dill pickle fan!!


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