The Inside of the brochure showing TobyMac (he's at the top) and MercyMe (the words are all backwards, sorry about that!!)

These are officially proof that I was at Hills Alive!!! It was AWESOME, just to say!!!!!!! MercyMe was my definite favorite of all the bands, and they played last night!!!!!!!!!!!! It was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for all the fun times Agent Iceskate, Agent Bookworm, and Agent Idon'trememberyourname, aka Peter, Susan, and Susan!!! Hahahahaha, gotta love Narnia! Thanks, great friends!!! =D

Here's the front of the brochure....

Some other music artist that I enjoyed other than MercyMe were Jamie Grace, Sidewalk Prophets, and Big Daddy Weave!!!!! Awesomest time!!!!! Thanks to everybody who made it so great!! To proof further that I was really there, I'd take a picture of my sibling's T-shirt, but I don't really know where it is and I don't want to have to hunt for it. :)

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  1. Piano (Agent) BookwormJuly 23, 2012 at 3:15 PM

    Did you really forget Agent Library's name? Anyway, here's further proof you were there: I was there too, and I saw you! I liked TobyMac too. Too bad I couldn't come for the second day.

    1. Well, no, but I didn't know if Agent Library would ever come on here! But, yes, Agent Library was with us, too. ;) You know, with the agent thing, I'm almost tempted to change my name to Agent Archer!!! hahahaha =D Oh, and I remembered Agent Idon'trememberwhatyournameis--it was Agent Dakota. :) haha, I should just like change my name to Agent Storyteller, or Storyteller (Agent Archer), or something like that. ;)

  2. Yes, HA was SO much fun!!! To bad Agent Bookworm couldn't come for the second day! Missed you! Storyteller, can't believe you8 liked Toby Mac!

  3. Haha, I liked MercyMe WAY better after hearing them play!!! ;D Welcome aboard, agent!!!


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