On The Breeze Away

You don't know if you'll live, to see another day,
Your wishes came and went, flew on the breeze away,
Your dreams have come and gone, out the window far,
How could you have thought you could wish on a star? 

On the breeze away--blowing towards the sea,
You wonder--very faintly--does God see me?
On the breeze away--falling in the stars above,
Looking, yearning, for Jesus' rescue dove.

Your life seems weary, full of suffering and pain,
And you wonder quietly--am I even really sane?
The pain is unbearable, the aloneness complete,
When will it come, the two ends coming to meet?

On the breeze away--flying towards the trees,
Whistling loudly, whistling through the leaves,
On the breeze away--down inside of you,
Listening intently, for God's dove's coo.

Emotions well up inside of you, bubbling to the top,
The visions keep on coming, but you beg them to stop.
You don't need to be reminded, every single day,
Of the time your wishes, went on the breeze away.

On the breeze away--your wishes disappear,
All of your dreams, that you held so dear.
On the breeze away--they have become complete,
Blowing where the crossroads come together and meet.

The magic carpet underneath you, being pulled away,
You wish you could back, and change the things of today,
But what if nothing happened? If it was for naught?
If you cannot remember what your dear Savior taught?

On the breeze away--your wishes fade away,
Going back to the time when you wished for today,
On the breeze away--like a dull white sheet,
Blowing where the crossroads come together and meet.


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