The list of very random facts that should be "things"

Random fact: the cat in the hose incident happened again (confused? Please go to Rubberboot Girl)
Random fact: I came up with another story--it's about where this kid goes to camp...
Random fact: I don't know about you, but I'm starting to get tired of book reviews...
Random fact: you know, technically these aren't facts--these are random "things", but anyway...
Random fact: I detest the name Max-Ernest (don't you?)
Random fact: I would die if one of my siblings named their kid Elmo or Ursula (not literally)
Random fact: I absolutely CANNOT get into a story if the beginning is very, very slow (and if the rest of the story is slow, too)
Random fact: I have to have a book where you get into the action in the first or so chapters (as in the first chapter: "Ahh!!! Hermie's dead!!" *dramatic music playing in your head* Who on earth killed Hermie??)
Random fact: that's enough random facts!!



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