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Hey, ya'll!!

Just a question--you guys like pirate stories? Hope ya are, because I'm coming up with one!!!! I'll post it when I'm done writing it. I'm still figuring some other things, too.... :D

OK, so here's a book review. (haha) ;)

Name: Million Dollar Throw
Author: Mike Lupica 
Rating: 3/4
Category: football

Nate Brodie is the biggest Tom Brady fan probably, like, ever. When he gets the chance to throw a football and win a million dollars at a Patriots game, he takes the chance. But there's big pressure on him, and not only that, his friend's got a problem that's bigger....
(ask parents as always!!)

OK, so here's a poem. ;)

Waves crashing against the shore,
My head full of pirate lore,
Ships that come to plunder the town,
Listening carefully for the bell's sound.

Fires flickering throughout the land,
As here comes the pirate band,
Having ravaged the island fair,
I watch, the wind blowing my hair.

I fly towards the coast, fly away,
The pirates had come that fateful day,
They came to sweet the coasts around,
I listen for the warning bell's sweet sound.

The bell's stopped--it's pirates, definitely,
I look for the light that I still don't see,
"Oh where's the boat coming for me?"
It's gone--off into the blue sea.

I run for my life from the band,
I don't want this to be my last stand.
I've got to escape--to get away,
I just can't stick here and stay.

And then on the horizon,
I see more than the sun,
I see a ship flying towards me,
Across the blue crashing sea.

It stops in the cove by me,
The anchor weighing into the sea,
I fly up the gangplank breathing hard,
Collapsing by a barrel of lard.

The Savior's ship has rescued me,
Rushing across the big blue sea,
Saving from Satan's band,
That had once ravaged the land.

That's all for now!!!




  1. Is the pirate story the sky pirate thing you used to have on this?

    1. Nope! Different story. :) Haven't started on the Sky Pirate idea yet!! Haven't developed it at all. :P So, I'll have to work on that!! Thanks for commenting!! (I'm glad comment moderation didn't scare you off). :)

    2. Well, I don't think I'll be commenting anything you don't want anyone else to see! Oh, I just figured out I could come here on my Kindle! It's a little hard to read, but still fun!

    3. Haha, yeah, I just put it for a certain reason. :) Cool!! I know. I looked at Dragonmaster on a mobile phone, and I was like "this isn't half as cool!" ;P


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