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Just to say, The Story Club (here) is doing really great!!! Are you an author? Would you like to have your story on that blog? Just to say, I'm the admin. If you would like to post on the blog, please have the story be like G rated. I am a Christian and would like to keep my blogs clean for all ages to read. Please go and visit!!!!

Random dream: I wish I could do karate. Have you noticed? ;)

OK, so, last night we thought that we might've had fungus on our corn. (uck! and I love corn!!). Then we found out that, no, it wasn't bad corn. It was actually RED corn!!! hahahaha yeah, I know! Really weird! But it tasted really good.

Random question: do you guys know which of my blogs I put on the thing about what horse is the oldest horse? I don't remember, but here's the answer: Old Billy, a 62-year-old draft/barge horse from England, living from 1760-1822.



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