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So, I've been working really hard on my Olivia McCarthy story because, frankly, it's got me totally pumped!!!! I've always thought that being an actor was a cool idea. Who doesn't think it's a cool idea?? And I wouldn't really want to be an actor for the fame--I'd want it because it's fun to act and there's all of those cool people, and of course the costumes and the sets. But, overall, I probably wouldn't really want to be an actor. Would you?

Just want to give a few tips to new bloggers or maybe even people who've been blogging for awhile. First tip? I know there's a lot of places where you can get free blog templates. But BE CAREFUL. Some of them are most likely shams. I looked up one and it WAS. So just please be careful not to get like a virus on your computer or have somebody hack into your account.
   Second? I know that when I first started, I knew nothing about customizations. But it's really easy and fun!! Just go to "template" when you're on your blog designer, and click the word "customize". You can pick colors, fonts,  change your layout, change background pictures, and even change the overall size of your blog or the sizes of your sidebars!
    Third? As always, there's comments. That's been one of my hardest sometimes, because it's like, of course usually all of your friends don't have gmail accounts. So, as I've said before, just go to settings, then posts and comments, and click "anonymous users".
     Fourth? I'm pretty sure you've all also heard about following (you know--add the blog address you want to follow into your reading list URL spot, which is on your blogger dashboard). Well, here's something else to all those out there--you can't put up a "google friend connect" thingy, that makes it easier for a lot of people, unless you already have on follower.
    Fifth? If you got to your layout, there's lots of cool gadgets you can add to spice up your blog! And, though you might be afraid you might ruin something, if you click the "blog posts" spot in the middle, you can change lots of fun stuff!!!

I hope that was helpful for all of you new bloggers out there!! Keep up the good work!!!


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