Letters To Jo

Dear Jo, 

   How are you doing? I’m fine. Why’d you have to leave? I don’t understand. And I think it stinks that your parents got divorced. It just isn’t right. Know what I mean?
     Today was…interesting. I couldn’t stop thinking that you’d left and that I’d probably never see you again. Sometimes I wish I was a Christian like you, but I can never get myself to go to church or even glance at the Bible you gave me.
       Yeah, it’s just sitting on my top shelf in my room, collecting dust. I kind of feel bad, especially since you signed the inside. But I can’t bear to look at it. It’s really weird.
       I’ve been keeping up your blog for you, since you can’t go on now. I can’t believe your parents…never mind. But I’ve mostly just been typing up “pictures of Jesus” because I don’t know anything about the Bible and sometimes you’ve posted pictures before. Sadly, the view counts been down lately. Sometimes I think I’m a failure.
       I can still remember your face, Jo. I can see you, smiling at me. Mostly my brain remembers when we were at the park. Remember that, when I managed to sneak out of my house and join you? Yeah, I do, too. It’s my favorite memory of you.
       We were sitting on the park bench, and you just smiling at me. I can even remember exactly what we said. Can you?
      “Always keep writing, Willow,” you told me. “Don’t ever forget that I told you that.”
       “I won’t,” I’d replied. You haven’t forgotten, either, right?
       Just to say, remember those emails you always used to send me? That was great. You’d always pick a different accent and everything for your emails. That always made me laugh, though I never said so and my accents aren’t half as convincing.
     So I tell you what. From now on, I’ll change all of my accents. I hope you haven’t forgotten me, Jo. I’m sorry about your Bible. Hope you’re having a good time.

Above is a sample of one of my new stories that I'll hopefully be publishing soon on my blog Rubberboot Girl. Hope you're looking forward to it!!




  1. The story sounds really good. this really piqued my curiousity! Post it soon!

    1. I will!! I've already got it done, but I'm waiting for something......

  2. Nice name{Willow I mean}! I also love your 'Dragon Master' button thing!

    1. Haha, you won't believe this, but before I like went on your blog and commented I saw it in Madeline's things and I was like "hey, I really like the name Willow!" It just kind of worked out. Thanks!! Ready the Dragorn story yet?? Bye!


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