A chapter in which Wyn gets told she needs a bow

And, at that moment, I realized that I might never see Walt again. There were a million things that could go wrong--Sir William could realize that I was a girl, and Lady Wyn no less; I could be killed; and a million other things. I shook my head. I couldn't think about them.

Right now I had to remember that the hardest part of my plan was still to come...

* * *

"Walt," I hissed.

"What?" he frowned.

"I'm glad you're my friend," I whispered. "I hope I get back alive." Then I ducked out from behind the tent and ran towards the stables.

Even as I ran I wished I'd waited for my friend's reply.

I could just see Sir William, yelling at one of the stablehands that his horse "had better be shining by the time I ride out!" I quickly sent a prayer that he wouldn't realize that I was Lady Wyn and rushed forward right in front of him.

"Sir William! Sir William!" I cried, pretending to be breathless.

"What's the matter?" he demanded, stopping.

"Your page... he's missing...." I pretended like I'd been running for forever and just couldn't catch my breath. I was hoping he'd think that I'd been searching around for him.

He muttered something under his breath and then looked me up and down. "You're fit enough looking. You'll have to go in his place."

Thank you, Sir William!

"I'm honored, Sir William," I told him. "I have my sword..."

"Well, you're fit, but I didn't say you were large," he snorted. "Ah, yes, a relic. Go and talk to Sir Jeremy's page. He's down in the armory. He'll equip you with a bow and start giving you lessons. We're moving out today, but he'll still be able to teach you on the way."

This was not going like planned.

"I don't need lessons," I lied.

"Well, get them anyway," he barked. "And don't bother me. I'm busy."

It's all for Ellen, I reminded myself, biting my tongue and walked towards the castle. The armory, as I was directed by a guard, was by the dungeons. Lovely. You just have to find Lochinvar, and then you can ship out of the Middle East. Shouldn't be too hard. Isn't Lochinvar always saying that his horse is the fastest there is?

I went through the hallway, past the ladies and mistresses of the castle and the servants and peasants running around. My boots didn't make a noise on the stones as I walked down a stairway, past the kitchen, and through another hallway. I almost got lost but another guard directed me in the right direction for the armory.

"Here goes nothing," I snorted, pushing open the door.

Oh, stink.

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