Woman of the Kingdom Quiz

The Fierce Ranger--The fierce ranger is a girl who's always dreamed of doing everything like the boys and men that she sees everyone. She's the one who's practiced up on all of her weapons and and made sure that she was fit at all times.

The Free Girl--The Free Girl is a girl who's only a peasant, and yet she has a heart of gold. She's funny, pretty, and full of spirit, though sometimes lacks courage.

The Maiden Archer--The Maiden Archer is a girl who loves dressing themselves up in beautiful clothes but then wouldn't blink about putting on archer's clothes, grabbing her bow, and shooting a few before bedtime.

The Innocent Princess--The Innocent Princess is a girl who's beautiful, but can be rather naive. She loves her life as a princess and wouldn't think of any other life.
Who are you?

Take the quiz to find out! :)

1. What are you most known for?

A. Your toughness.
B. Your funniness.
C. Your friendliness.
D. Your beauty.

2. What sounds the best?

A. Riding horses all day.
B. Running around the hills of Ireland with your friends.
C. Doing archery all day.
D. Being pampered by servants.

3. Your clothes are drenched, because you were chased into the river by the king's guards, and you find yourself needing a new pair. You go into a clothes shop. What do you pick?

A. The tunic, leggings, boots, and cloak, that way you can pretend you're a boy.
B. The dress, boots, and cloak, because that's pretty much what you were wearing before.
C. The archer's outfit.
D. The beautiful white dress and cape.

4. Who are you closest to?

A. Your brother.
B. Your sister.
C. Your father.
D. Your mother.

5. You've always dreamed of...

A. One day being a warrior, someone known for their courage and bravery. (Humor me, will ya? ;D)
B. Living in a house by your parents', maybe getting married and having kids, but ultimately just listening for God's guidance.
C. Traveling around the world.
D. Becoming the queen, of course!

6. You've been cornered by the king's guard, but there's a stack of weapons nearby. You choose...

A. The sword.
B. You don't choose anything! You jump up onto the barrel onto the roof and race off!
C. The bow.
D. You faint, because this is the most dramatic thing that's ever happened to you.

7. Out of the following, you're most known for...

A. Climbing trees with your brothers when your mother would rather have you inside helping her.
B. Singing in a sweet voice while you work.
C. Always beating the boys when it comes to running.
D. Looking bored at balls.

8. What's your favorite name?

A. Keira
B. Heather
C. Susan
D. Gwendolyn

9. You realize you're getting kidnapped and you...

A. ...fight back and get away.
B. ...scream at the top of your lungs and attract the attention of passerbyers, getting saved.
C. Fight and scream and get saved.
D. Are so frightened that you stay silent and get carried away.

10. Your spirit is...

A. Wild.
B. Free.
C. Spirited.
D. Innocent.

Congrats, everybody!! Thanks for taking the quiz!!!

Mostly As are the Fierce Ranger.
Mostly Bs are the Free Girl.
Mostly Cs are the Maiden Archer.
Mostly Ds are the Innocent Princess.

And I am.....

*drum rolllllllllllllll*

...........the Free Girl!!!

Wow. =P

Hope you guys enjoyed that!!!! I'd LOVE it if you told me who you were!!!! Thanks!!! :)

Later gator.

Over and out. ;)


  1. That was a wonderful quiz! I'm... the Maiden Archer (yay!!) ☺. How do you come up with such exciting questions? You're so talented, dear friend!!

    1. Thanks!! Awesome!! :) Um, I'm not sure. I just do. =P Thank you!!! :)

  2. I know I just posted a comment but I was wondering if this was a quiz to a story I haven't read?

    1. Thanks for commenting again!! I love them!! :) No, I haven't written a story about these people. Should I?? :)

  3. I'm the maiden Archer! This is the coolest quiz Storyteller! Are you going to make a story off of these characters? It would be so cool if you did!

    1. Awesome!! Thanks. :) I don't know.... maybe....

  4. Haha! I'm the innocent Princess. :P Thanks so much for the quiz!! It was fun. :)


    1. You're welcome!! Thanks so much for taking!!! :)

  5. Ooh, nice quiz! I am a mixture of the Fierce Ranger and the Maiden Archer. :D

  6. I'm the maiden archer that makes me happy :D
    Great quiz.
    Your Friend

  7. Whoa, I am totally a mix! I ended up being the Maiden Archer, but only by one more than the Free Girl and two more than the princess!

    1. haha I think I only had one that wasn't the Free Girl..... =P

  8. I knew it - I am the Free Girl! :)

  9. Layla speaking: I'm the fierce ranger. Totally fits me!

    1. Awesome!! The first one yet!! Congrats, Layla!! :)


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