A writer's brain is strange

Today's another lovely day that God's gone and blessed us with. The sun's shining, it's not TOO cold (I mean, it's like 17 degrees, but at least it's not -17, right? ;)), and we have a whole day ahead of us.

There's a week ahead of me that I'm really excited about. During this week is a play, and during the week of the play I get to... go skiing again!! :) (Didn't hear the whole Storyteller-almost-dies-by-skiing? Click here.) I'm sooo excited about this week. Please pray that I'll bless God with whatever part I do/don't get in the play and that I won't kill myself or anybody else while skiing. (SKIING. IS. AWESOME. by the way......)

You know, I see all of these pictures, and my brain's just like "WRITE A STORY. WRITE A STORY." and then I might try something, and then it doesn't even work out. I'll get a character, but if she doesn't has a story, what's the point? Sometimes it's hard for me. And I keep on trying to get a story for my character. Sometimes they're stuck, but sometimes they get a breakthrough. That's my favorite time--when I actually get to give that character a story. Other times, though, I come up with the story--and have to struggle to figure out the character in it. Or I find a name. Like I LOVE this name--The Calm Before the Storm--but I'm still struggling to get a story. Fairy Eyes was one of those names, and yet it has a story. I hope that that's what happens to The Calm Before the Storm.

There's this one story I've been wanting to write for forever. It's kind of like Spiderwick, but not at all like it. It's about a girl named Rowan (totally different from the girl on here) who goes and lives with her family in a mansion. There's a lot of emotional conflict, though. Hopefully it'll turn out really good. :) (I think I left her in an argument with a boy who jumps off the top of her mansion and lives... anyway... =P)

I'm just kind of curious... what's your favorite story of mine that I've ever written? I mean, I don't even know. (Well, actually.... I really like Rubberboot Girl..... anyway..... =P) So what's YOUR favorite character? ;)

Lator gator.

Over and out.

P.S. What style do you like better? Do you like it when I capitalize everything? or do you like it better when i only do that on names, like when i reference one of you guys or God? I'm not even sure... Please tell me..... ;)


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