Colds, plays, and everything else

Thanks for all of the comments. Sorry I haven't answered them, but I don't really have that much time.... (I might have time. We'll see...)

My cold's hanging on for dear life, but I'm hoping that it'll go away pretty soon. (Especially before the play. And skiing. Did I tell all of ya'll about that?? I think I did on Rubberboot Girl.... Well, I'm not sure about the play... wait, I think I wrote about the skiing on Dragonmaster.... oh, wow... =P)

Anyway, so, yes, I'm hoping to be in a play. I'm super excited!! I've done two other plays with this company, and they've been a blast. It's always lots of fun, and most of my friends get to do it with me. I love acting, too, so that week is something that always get checked in my brain as something I'm really looking forward to. (I really don't get to do that many plays anymore... not that I ever did. =P)

Hopefully, I'll be able to comment on all of your lovely blogs soon. :)

Later gator.

Over and out. ;)

P.S. Poem Girl? I couldn't make sense of your last Pernisia/Rowan chapter. (Sorry :/) Can you please explain what happened?? Thanks!! :)


  1. I hope you get in the play!


  2. Okay so here's the jist of it, Pernisia freaks out because she just wants to go back to her normal life, she runs away from Caleb and Rowan and Rowan wants to know why because Pernisia's supposed to be a door drawer an important person in the emotion doors world; Caleb appears to have already known that (we don't know how yet) Pernisia is clueless to her station and so this confuses her however she's in to much of a hurry to get away that she only plunges forward... Explanation part 1

    1. Um... I'm not quite sure that's how I was kind of thinking Emotion Doors would go... =P

  3. .....Pernisia plunges forward and gets lost then she meets a boy (don't concern yourself with him right now I'd suggest when writing your part that you stick to a Caleb and Rowan when it's my turn again I'll explain that) I believe that's all you need to know.
    Thanks for writing this story for me.
    Your Friend

    1. Um, the writing's confusing, though. =P Could you maybe rewrite it? Because I didn't really get any of that out of it... not offense, it's just we want people to be able to read it.

      Yeah!! I'm enjoyed writing it with you!! :)

      Your friend,


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