Pernisia and Rowan--School and Dance

“Seriously Rowan; look before you throw will you!” Caleb rubbed his head and looked sorrowfully over the many new bumps and bruises he had accumulated since meeting Rowan. “I mean I thought maybe you’d adjusted to our wor….bldgah.” I’d slapped my hand over his mouth. 

“Not now! Everyone will think your crazy and possibly Rowan if go off like that!”

He looked at me and then at Rowan and began chuckling clutching his aching sides in merriment. “Of course, they would only….they won’t.” he looked behind him and than back at me with a mysterious serious grin on his face. 

“Everything is settled, tonight after the dance all of us must be in Brighten Park.” I started to say something but Caleb just shook his head and hurried off to his class (we may have been in the same grade but that didn’t mean we didn’t have different school schedules, just so ya know) I looked at Rowan for an explanation she shrugged in confusion.

“Never mind, I’m sure he was just ranting anyways.” She didn’t look so sure.

“Aren’t we supposed to be getting to this “class” of yours?”

I glanced at the clock. “Oh yeah, you’re right we’ve no time to waste!” I made to grab her wrist but then thought better of it and nudged her forward, we ran to Class.

Rowan looked beat, a completely tired look on her face, “Yeah I know Math takes a lot out of me too.” She looked at me with big horrified bright green eyes (Did I mention her eye color changed when she came to our world?) 

“You call that lessons, it was terrible! You actually do that every day!”

“Except Saturday’s, Sunday’s, and Holidays.” I pointed out with a frown.

“And there isn’t any proper useful lessons, like archery and hunting, how to survive in the wild!” 

“Weellll you can sign up for after school programs and girl scouts if you want to learn that stuff here and anyways in this world things like math are useful.” 

“Well I think this world is crazy.” 

I rolled my eyes and led her to the cafeteria. “Hold your nose.” I instructed carefully as I did my own. “We have one of those really bad food schools where all they serve is super greasy burgers and week old meatloaf.”

Rowan made a face and sat down next to me. “You’re youths educational establishments are sorely lacking.” 

I chuckled, “I agree with you there.” 

I glanced over; Caleb was making his way over to us with a tray of…Cockroach Pizza? He averted his eyes from Rowan and plopped down next to me and for the first time I noticed people were avoiding us. “Two questions brother.” I whispered as I opened my lunch bag pulling out ham sandwiches for me and Rowan. “1. Why do have that disgusting Pizza what happened to your lunch bag and 2. Any idea why everyone’s…keeping away from us?”

“I…lost my lunch somewhere and I overheard Rinn telling everyone not to overwhelm you guys.”

Rinn? The Girl who was always in my face, the girl who thought I was an elf, the girl who was convinced I was sent to save the world? I suspected Caleb had something to do with this.

“You’re joking right? We are talking about the same person aren’t we?”

“Yep.” He folded his napkin and placed it on his lap. “Don’t worry I think you’ll find it easy to avoid her tonight, I heard her parents weren’t letting her out of the house tonight.”

I sighed in relief. “Aren’t you a little gossiper?”

“Be quiet.” He mumbled picking at his um…food.

“Couldn’t we just skip out on the dance altogether.” I pleaded.

“You’re kidding right.” Caleb said silently. “No it’s unavoidable we need to go.” His eyes strayed over to Rowan, “I want it to be clear, that Rowans on her own tonight.”

I lightly punched his arm mindful of his huge bruise there it wouldn’t take much to hurt him.


“Sorry, you shouldn’t be rude to Rowan.”

“Does she want me to go with her then.”

Rowan leaned back in her chair and folded her arms. “No, not really.”


I sighed, were these two ever going to be friends?

The day seemed to drag all of us but finally we were all home, but even then we didn’t get much time to relax, I had to drag Rowan (not literally) to my room so I could curl her hair and help apply makeup, however I wasn’t really a makeup person so it didn’t take long to lightly brush everything on.

And then the time came to leave…

(By Poem Girl, link above)

"I'm going to die," I muttered as I tottered on the high heels that Pernisia had forced on my feet about half an hour before.

"You'll be fine," Pernisia hissed out of the corner of her mouth.

Caleb opened the front door of Pernisia's house. "Are you guys coming?" He rolled his eyes.

Pernisia glared. "Yes."

We went out the door and followed Caleb down the sidewalk. Apparently, Pernisia's parents had picked tonight to be what Pernisia called "date night", so they had the car and we were walking all the way back to this school place--or, as Caleb had told me while Pernisia had gone off to get a drink, the "house of horror".

"Everybody's going to know that something's up when you don't come with a date, Pernisia," Caleb pointed out.

She snorted. "Well, since YOU don't have one, why don't YOU take ME?"

He snorted right back. "You really think they'd buy that? They'd know right away that something was up. We obviously hate each other." He glanced over at me.

I glared. "Not happening."

"Look," started Caleb, "do you want to live or not?"

"Fine," I muttered. 

"And I'll just be tagging along," Pernisia pointed out.

Both Caleb and I looked at her.

Caleb smiled slyly. "Sorry, sis."

* * *

A few minutes later, we were outside of the school. A nerdy looking boy who Caleb had identified as "Screech" was walking next to a very sulky Pernisia. We walked through the open doors of the gym, out of which poured loud, modern music. One of the people that Pernisia called "teachers" was behind this table with big black weird things on. (I later found out they were called headphones...)

"Sweet," smiled Caleb. "They got like total disco or something."

I frowned. "Let's just survive the night, OK? And this is not anything official. The only reason that this is happening is so that we don't attract attention."

"Exactly," agreed Pernisia, looking disgusted.

"Come on," smiled Caleb. "I want you to meet my friends, Rowan."

"Wai...!" Pernisia started to say.

But I was already being pulled off towards a group of kids.

Oh, stink.


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