Pernisia and Rowan--the Hopeful Door

“Honestly Caleb!” I muttered to myself as I tugged “Screech” over towards Caleb and Rowan. Really it seemed that there were two different Caleb’s here, the Caleb who knew well enough to leave Rowan alone and the Caleb who was a total annoying pain! I heard one of Caleb’s friends commenting about how gorgeous Rowan was; I gagged out loud, I mean I knew she was pretty but only a weirdo like Caleb would have friends as creepy as…this boy. Rowan was as red as a roaring volcano and just as she looked like she was bout to sock the creep I grabbed her away and took her to a more remote area where Caleb wouldn’t find us.

“Thanks, but I could’ve handled that myself.” She grumbled.

“Yeah I know.” 

“Could we… perhaps…maybe not go with your brother tonight?” 

I shook my head sadly. “not a chance, but I don’t know maybe world jumping will get him a brain.” I glimpsed Caleb coming towards us I glared at him, he shrugged. 

“I bought us some time with the boys.” He glanced as Rowan. “Sorry for using you as a pawn without permission.”

I rolled my eyes. “Cut it out Caleb, lets just go already.”

.He frowned. “Sure.” He looked around us. “Hey where’s that kid Screech?”

I followed Caleb’s lead and looked around as well but surprisingly he wasn’t anywhere; come to think of it I’d never seen him at school before either? “I… I don’t know he was with me when I went to get Rowan from you but he definitely wasn’t when I pulled her away?” 

“Strange.” Rowan sat down. “Could he possibly be from another world as well?” 

I gaped at her. “Really, you really think that?” 

“Sure.” She replied casually. “We world travelers often have to make quick exits. We leave whenever we can because it’s almost impossible to control when you can go home. Each world has a different rule mine say’s you have to make the door for you to be able to pass through it; yours who knows?” 

Caleb looked a little nervous. “I do.” 

Rowan scanned him critically much like she had when they first met. “Really now. How is that?” 

“I don’t know how I know but I do okay, I just get this feeling; which reminds me we got to get going.” 

We got to the park and Rowan and I hurried off to the girls bathroom so we could change. Rowan changed into her normal clothes and put on what I considered to be my best pair of traveling apparel. 

We met up with Caleb who had likewise changed and he lead us to…the park gate? It began to glow….what! How did Caleb know this would happen!?


In between the arches of the gate swirled a webbing of color. I knew what this was. I had seen it, not that many times. But I knew what happened after you stepped through it.

"Hurry!" I urged. "It's a Door!"

"Of course it is," glared Caleb.

Pernisia stared at us. "What?"

I glanced over at Caleb. "Wait a sec. How on earth did you know about this Emotion Door?" I narrowed my eyes. "Unless this is where you came through?"

"You're going to make it close!" he cried. "Anger makes the Door close. It's hopefulness that opens it."

"A Hopeful Door." I glared at it. "That's lovely."

"Wait, what?" Pernisia looked way confused.

"You have to be hopeful, Rowan," Caleb pointed out. "Get rid of your anger."

"You sound like Yoda," Pernisia snorted.

"Who's Yoda?" I demanded.

"Nevermind," she sighed.

"OK," started Caleb, "now stop being mad."

I glared. "Then you'd better leave."

"Rowan!" he cried.

"Fine," I sighed. I closed my eyes and made myself relax. I felt the anger dripping out of me like water. My eyes flipped open.

"We've got to hurry," Caleb pointed out. "It's going to close soon, and then it won't open for another year."

"Another year?!" Pernisia looked horrified. "Wait, where on earth does this take us!?"

"Let's go." I grabbed Pernisia's hand and Caleb's arm and plunged through the Door--the Emotion Door.


  1. Wow super awesome chapter storyteller!
    I can't wait to write mine though you'll have to wait a while as I'm not allowed to use the computer till Monday, actually I'm writing this from Liz's IPod, isn't she soooo nice.
    Your Friend

  2. My older sister, she's great!

    P.S. still on the iPod


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