Pernisia and Rowan--The Ornoch

Great thanks to Poem Girl. You go, girl!! :) Go and click the link to go to her blog, simply because she's awesome!! :) Pernisia chapters by her, Rowan chapters by me. :)

“Wait...Oh, never mind you could have at least given me time to think.”

“What’s there to think about we needed to get through the door so we went through.”

“Yeah but I’d have liked to prepare myself, you know I didn’t exactly run straight through the first time I saw an emotion door.”

“Yeah but you did the second time.” Rowan pointed out.

“That’s not the point!” I yelled frustrated “But never mind.”

“Okay then, we should probably start moving I’ve learned if you stay in one place to long bad things usually happen.”

“That’s not….” I began, Rowan glared at me. “Sorry, lead the way.”

She nodded. “Thank you.”

She started forward and I obediently followed not really knowing what else to do. “Why exactly did I need to be here anyways?” I said aloud. “I mean, clearly I’m not much use.”

“You stay because you are…can we have some peace and quiet here.”

“Sorr…” I drew in my breath “No more apologies I’ve already done that too many times.”

“Sure.” Rowan answered in voice like she clearly didn’t care.

Caleb fell in to pace with me. “So I bet you’re wondering how I knew about the door right?”

“Not really.” I lied, I didn’t want to encourage him.

“Cause it’s an interesting story.” He began again.

“Uh huh, not interested.” I spoke calmly trying to push down that curiosity tinge that sometimes came into my voice when I was interested.

He called ahead to Rowan, “Hey do you want to here how I knew about the Emotion Door.”


“That’s right an….what did you say!” I shouted surprised at her response.

“I said yes I’d like to hear.” She turned and looked at him. “Everything; but not right now.”

She glanced hastily around. I groaned. “I know that look. Caleb, get ready to run.”

“No wait.” Caleb held out his hand in front of me.

“Caleb, Rowan’s going….”

“Don’t! Just stay right here don’t move.” He commanded. This wasn’t like him?”



I humphed and plopped myself on the ground crossing my arms; something was seriously wrong here.


"Let's go," I urged.

"Wait, why on earth would you want to listen to my brother?" Pernisia demanded.

I rolled my eyes. "You guys can't just know about my world. You obviously didn't. So there has to be something up."

"Are you saying I'm a bad guy?!" Caleb demanded.

I glared. "I don't know what you are, but we're out of time." I grabbed Pernisia's hand and Caleb's arm and jumped through the door.



My eyes flipped open and I jumped to my feet. The forest floor felt good underneath my feet as I sprinted towards Pernisia. She was faced with a huge Ornoch spider, which was about as big as cottage. Her eyes were wide in fear. I glanced over my shoulder. Caleb was still unconscious on the ground.

"Pernisia," I said calmly. "Back away slowly."

"But... but it's going to eat me!" she squeaked nervously.

"Just do it," I commanded. "Now!"

Slowly, Pernisia started backing up. The spider stared at her with its big milky eyes. I knew like everybody who'd ever lived in the forest that Ornoch spiders are blind, and, like rattle snakes, they rely on vibrations from the ground to kill their victims. As long as Pernisia didn't start running--creating a steady thump--I was pretty sure she was going to be alright.

"Rowan, what's..." Before Caleb could say anything else, I smacked my hand over his mouth. He glared at me, and then looked horrified when he saw the Ornoch. 

Pernisia was still backing away. Now she was only a few feet away from me. Slowly, I grabbed her arm.

Wrong move.

She screamed, and jumped in fright.

The spider rushed at us with amazing speed.

Oh, stink.


  1. Haha Storyteller I wasn't upset about having to change it and I had a lot more fun with this anyways but I was wondering do you think you could you know maybe make Pernisa (in your chapters) start to warm up to her surroundings and be who she needs to be, give her something special a skill or some such to distract her from being scared...she's a little too whiny I think (sorry I just thought I would tell you)
    Your Friend

    1. Well, I thought she was OK, but I'll think of something..... ;)


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