The ban of the photos has lifted!!

(I about look like that<-- girl haha =D)

Yes, my photo ban as ended!! (Before I got freaked out about filling picture space. And my posts got ugly. =P So... END OF THE PICTURE BAN!!!!! =D)

I realized that if photo blogs can survive, certainly a story blog (OK, OK, and random =P) can survive that much longer. Right???

Anyway, so... I was kind of wondering. I mean, if I do polls, they don't always get voted on. So we're going to do a post poll. :) What's your favorite story--Katrina Bale, Arawyn Summersprite, or Wyn the sarcastic and awesome (JK =D)?

The snow has died done (there was a big storm =P) but we still have lots on the ground!! (And really big drifts... fun for falling in, of course... ;))

Oh yeah!

(*random mind, remember =P*)

I almost forgot.

Do you guys think that I should continue doing like "featured blogger" of the week or something. If you guys think this is a good idea, please tell me!! Also, tell me if you'd like to be a featured blogger. (To be featured, you'd have to be a follower of this blog, by the way....) If you were featured, I would talk about you and give links to your blogs and all of that good stuff. :)

Also... any quiz ideas? I know you love them. :)

Later gator.

Over and out. ;)


  1. Wyn the sarcastic and awesome!

    I'd love to be featured, and I do already follow your blog, BUT I don't think I should be so concerned with Blogger stats.......

  2. I like Arawyn and Wyn's stories the best. =D

    1. lol they kind of have the same name =D

  3. You're so lucky you have snow!! We really need it here! Also, I'd love to be a featured blogger!


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