Pernisia and Rowan--The Moonwolves

By Poem Girl

“EEEEK!” I screamed clutching at Rowans arm she scraped me off and pulled out her dagger and her emerald violet stone she closed her eyes and whispered something like “I need a sword.” All at once the dagger grew longer glowing in a familiar way. 

“What is this world?” I muttered frozen in fear. “She’s Samwise Gamgee and has sting to fight the evil Shelob? Who’s Frodo then?” I hoped it wasn’t me I had no interest in being taken by orks. 

“Make yourself useful!” Rowan urged but I couldn’t move, my legs had turned to jelly. 

“You help her Caleb!” I screamed at his unconscious form, pulling at my unmoving legs. He instantly woke up and darted forward with blinding speed I could see he was scared too but as least he could act. I frowned at myself for being so wimpy staring ahead and watching me brother distract “Shelob” while Rowan approached it from behind however it’s blank eyes seemed despite my brother to bore into me and it ignored him pursuing me with maddening speed. I whimpered pitifully hoping my death would be quick; but then it stopped and I saw Rowan flying through the air and land with a thud right on top of the terrible thing and with one lunge the beast was dead it uttered a blood curdling noise and dropped to the ground a dark black liquid oozing from it’s wound. 

“Thank goodness.” I murmured falling to me knees. 

“Tha…thank you Rowan.” I said my voice still quivering. Caleb rushed up and nodded at her. 

She grinned. “Thanks for the lift but I hope you won’t have to offer it again.” 

Awe I saw it now Caleb must have launched her. 

“Do me a favor will ya.” Caleb said softly to me. “Stay out of trouble when I’m not around to help you even if you have Rowan, she’s not related to you. 

I smiled and nodded shakily rising to my feet. “Next time maybe I’ll be able to defend myself.” 

“That’s the spirit!” Rowan laughed thumping me on the back. 

I winced, she had quite the arm.

But the happy reunion did not go for long; a howl sounded in the distance. 

By Me

"Oh, stink," I muttered.

"What's the problem?" Caleb demanded, his eyes flickering around nervously.

I glared at him. "It's Moonwolves, that's what. They're vicious and evil, though they're strongest on the night of the Blue Moon."

Pernisia's eyes bulged out. "BLUE MOON?!"

"You don't have to freak..." I started to say.

"THAT'S AWESOME!" she shrieked. "I've always wanted to see a Blue Moon!"

I frowned, bewildered. "What? But that's when all evil things are strongest."

She looked horrified. "What?! But in stories, Blue Moons are always so...... awesome," she finished lamely.

"Apparently not here," snorted Caleb.

Pernisia glared and then picked up a large stick that was more like a pole than a stick.

"What's that for?" Caleb demanded, his eyes watching his sister as she started to stomp off through the woods.

She turned around with a fierce glare. "What do you think it is?! Something to fend off the Moonwolves with!"

I smiled approvingly. "Good idea, Pernisia." I glared at Caleb. "Grab a stick." Then I picked up a pole myself and followed Pernisia through the forest.

"I can't believe it," Caleb muttered, picking up a stick and following. "My sister--my sister--is leading an expedition through a magical forest when we could all very well be killed!"

"Shh!" I warned.

Pernisia stopped and I came up beside her.

"I don't know where we're supposed to go," she admitted.

"Follow me," I whispered.

I led them through the trees, sticking to the shadows. I was learned in the art of hunting, but Pernisia and Caleb weren't. As a result, while I was quietly making my way through the forest, they kept on stepping on sticks and pinecones and practically alerting the whole forest to our presence.

That's about the time when I turned around the side of the tree and saw myself face-to-face with a Moonwolf...


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