Story&Design Contest--the results!!

I suppose you all know what today is..... yep. It's February 20th!! (Already??) And, of course, the end of the story&design contest.

I loved all of your entries, they were wonderful!! And I had so many!! I'm afraid that some of you won't get awarded. *sadness* So, right off the bat, everybody should get an honorable mention. Great job, you guys. :)

But *sigh* I had to pick. As all of you remember, whoever wins this will get their very own personalized book just about them. If they have a picture of themselves or use their real name, I'll construct the character to look like that. Otherwise, the winner gets to say what they want to look like, etc. (You can, anyway =P)

And so..... who is our lovely winner?

I'm serious. It was hard.

But it finally came down to the story that touched me the most.

And that lovely story was by.....






.................Brittney Ann! :)

I loved Britt's story so much, it really touched me. Click here to read it for yourself and be changed forever and click here to see the cover she made for her story. :) That's why she's getting her personalized book. :)

I didn't say anything for the people who get second and third, but if you'd like a quote, button, header, blog design, etc. just talk to me. :) (Or a spot in The Unusuals if you already aren't!!! :))

Second place goes to........ Jessica Anne!! :)

I really loved the cover that she made for my book, Letters to Jo. Click her name to check it out!! :)

I had a really hard time picking third place........ really hard........ but I think I've finally settled on Poem Girl's awesome story and cover for it. :) Congrats!! :)

(Honorable mention--Piano Bookworm and Layla and Josiah. Please check out their blogs!! They're awesome. :))

Congrats, everybody!! And don't forget to talk to me about prizes!! :)


  1. Congrats to the winners :)

    Thank you for sponsoring my giveaway-

    1. You're welcome!! :) I checked it out... ;)

  2. Yay, I got third place!!
    Your Friend

  3. I can't believe I won!!! I'm so excited! Thank you so much! I'M sorry I haven't written sooner I've been out of the state and haven't had any time to go on the computer!!! Thanks again!

    your blogger friend,

    1. You're welcome!! That's OK. :) Glad you're back!! :)


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