Pernisia and Rowan--How Caleb finally learns; oh, and some dresses

Thanks for all of the offers for the headers and buttons!!!! I really appreciate it. :) The Pernisia parts of the story are by Poem Girl, and the Rowan parts are by me. ;)


“Don’t you know when to leave things alone, I thought you were going home!” I yelled as my annoying twin lurched towards the bench. 

“You….You’re so violent.” He heaved as he plopped himself down.

“You deserved it.” I yelled at him in a resolved voice that shushed him better than any kick in the shins.

“I think by now I deserve to know what’s going on…The girl isn’t from here is she?” He began, “She didn’t really move here, she’s not really any of the things you said right?”

I glanced over at Rowan she nodded grudgingly. “No she’s not from here she’s from…”

“Don’t lie Nisia, I SAW THAT WOLF!” He yelled the last part and I clapped my hands over his mouth. 

“Not so loud will ya, do you want to attract attention and anyways I wasn’t going to lie to you empty head.” I coughed and looked left and right before beginning again. “Rowans….” 


“Yeah her names Rowan now quite interrupting!” I sighed and began, “Rowans from a…a different world called Athranem I entered it through this thing called an Emotion Door (I still don’t understand that part.) The gem….I don’t know anything about it so there.”

“The Gem?” he turned to Rowan and held out his hand. “Let me see it.” 

She held it behind her and put it back into the backpack. “No! It’s caused enough trouble! I don’t know why it reacted like that but whenever it does it’s either because I’m in danger or it’s going to help me with something, in this case I supposed it was going to solve our little dress problem.”

“How’d you get it and who’re you and what’s this Athranem place sounds like something outta Lord of The Rings to me?” 

“I’ve always had it!” she glared. “I’m a Forest Girl I grew up there, I’ve no idea what Lord of the Rings is but Athranem is certainly a more real place than this one!”

“Calm down Rowan, Caleb can’t help it that he’s uneducated and ignorant.” 
I glared over at him he put on a guarded pose.

“Well, what’s she doing here and why’re you…”

“Enough!” Now even I was loosing patience with him. “If you had any sense at all you’d know we owe you nothing, but you don’t so I’ll answer one more question.”

“Okay so why’s she here.”

“Accident.” I said guardedly. “Or maybe danger brought her here or rather “us” here and now I don’t know how to get her home so I decided to let her experience our world a little more while I find out more about…emotion doors.” 

“Okay then…what are you doing now?” 

“Going shopping.” I said and pulled Rowan along, I think she was still upset because she just yanked her hand back and walked into the nearest store.” I sighed and followed her and Caleb followed me. “Uh, Caleb…girl store.” I pointed to the sign and Caleb stopped. “But since you’re not going home…” 

I yanked him in. 


Pernisia held up a pink dress. "How about this one?"

I was horrified. "It's so SHORT!"

Pernisia rolled her eyes. "It's just below your knees. That's modest enough. You should see some of the skirts I see every day in school..."

"All of the dresses I've ever seen are always done to your feet," I protested.

"I think it's cute," Caleb commented.

"Shut up," glared Pernisia.

"What about this one?" I held up another dress but then screamed when I saw a huge slit in the side.

"NOT that one." Pernisia snatched it from my hands and put it back on the rack, leaning forward and hissing, "And don't scream. We're drawing enough attention as it is."

 I glared. "It's not like I was scared of it. I was just horrified." 

"That one's ugly," Caleb announced.

Pernisia glared at him. "Then it's a good thing Rowan's not wearing it."

"Are you seriously from another world?" Caleb whispered, ignoring his sister. His eyes were locked on mine.

I rolled my eyes. "Yes."

"Here, this one's perfect." Pernisia held up a green dress.

"It's short," I pointed out.

Pernisia sighed. "I told you, it's not that short. It's below your knees! Come on, come on, try it on."

I'm not sure how she convinced me to wear it, but I finally put it on and came out.

"I like it," Caleb announced.

I snorted. "Then YOU wear it."

"I'm not going to wear a dress!" he cried. "That's horrible!"

"It's good enough," Pernisia said hurriedly. "Now let's go to the shoe store."

"Oh, great," Caleb groaned.


  1. Okay, yep I can take things beyond the mall now, thanks for covering the part that I was having a hard time getting to. :)
    Your Friend

  2. Awesome! So cool that Rowan is from another world. . . .


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