Elven, Faerian, Human, and Pixian....

What are you?

Are you Faerian? Elven? Pixian? Human?

Take this quiz to find out!! :)

1. What're you like?

A. Kind of pointy, dark hair, petite.
B. Elegant and beautiful.
C. Just average, I suppose...
D. Rather small, with a mysterious air about you.

2. You've always been told...

A. ...that you're awesome at athletics.
B. ...that you're the star of drama.
C. ...that you're a whiz at school.
D. ...that you write awesome stories.

3. What're your eating habits?

A. You eat a whole bunch of health food because you're always in sports.
B. You eat small amounts, but not a lot. Your mom is always getting at you for that.
C. You eat normally, you suppose....
D. You eat lots, because you're just so STARVING.

4. If there was one thing you could change about yourself, it would be...

A. ...your eyes. They're kind of strange and unique, and everybody's always giving me second looks.
B. ...my nose. It's just... ugh, I've just never liked it.
C. ...my hair. It's a frizzy mess!
D. ...my height. I always feel like a shortie.

5. You just found out that you're the heir of a magical kingdom, and you're being chased by ugly bad guys. What do you do?

A. You grab your dad's hunting bow.
B. You climb up in the attic and hide.
C. You start feeling hysterically scared, grab the phone, run upstairs in the attic, lock yourself in, and then call 911.
D. You grab a slingshot and hit their noses if they show up.

6. You just escaped from your house, but the bad guys are still trailing you. Where do you go?

A. The forest, where you know you'll be able to dodge them for hours.
B. To the place that your parents always told you to go if anything ever went wrong--some kind of strange place in the middle of the forest...
C. To a trusted friend's house--they'll know what to do.
D. You'd set an ambush and laugh as your pranks unfold on them.

7. Your personality is...

A. ...tough and sporty.
B. Quiet and graceful.
C. ...brainy and sometimes sarcastic.
D. ...artistic and pranksterish.

8. You're being chased by bad guys (different ones this time) in your home town. What's your ride?

A. The fourwheeler, of course.
B. Your friend's car.
C. Your bike.
D. The horse that's been in your neighbor's backyard for forever.

9. What's a typical Saturday for you?

A. Working out.
B. Playing piano and just chillaxing.
C. Reading.
D. Cleaning the house, and then maybe you have some free time.

10. What's your favorite magical creature?

A. Elf.
B. Faerie (fairy).
C. Um, I don't have one....
C. Pixie.

OK...... so. I suppose the last one kind of gave away which ones are which, but I'll say anyways.

Mostly As and you're Elven.
Mostly Bs and you're Faerian.
Mostly Cs and you're Human. (goodie =D)
Mostly Ds and you're Pixian.

And I am.......


(lol didn't see that coming..... =D)

Thanks for taking!!


  1. I'm human! I only wanted to be human or elven, so that made me happy :)

  2. Layla speaking. I'm pixian. With elven as second. Just like you. Hehe. Loved it. Bye.

    1. Awesome! Yes. Us awesome Pixians. =D haha ;)

  3. I'm a human:) LOL, sounds about right :P great quiz Storyteller!!!

  4. I am half elven and half human! :P :D

  5. i'm human. With pixian as a close second =D

  6. I wanted to be Elven... but I'm Pixian... oh well :)

    1. I'm Pixian, too, so you don't have to feel so bad.... =D

  7. I'm Faerian I kinda thought I might be it's just the person I am I
    suppose and I've drawn fairies a bit (they're super fun to do)
    Say do you have any drawing requests? I would love to draw something for you
    maybe one of your book characters or some such?
    Your Friend

    1. Sweet! (I don't think anybody's gotten Faerian yet... I'll check. Nope! You're the first!!! :)) I don't think I have any drawing requests... if I did, I'd probably draw them myself, because I like to draw, too. :)

  8. Okay then I'll just Freestyle this week I hope to have a new picture up
    soon however if you'd like me to draw something just to see what my rendition looks
    like I'd be more than happy to.
    Your Friend


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