100 Follower Giveaway Results

You guys all know what today is, right?

[the title's a giveaway....]

Yes! It's the day of the giveaway results. Please let me pick a winner real quick....

(*grabs hat, shreds paper, writes on them, drops them in hat, shakes them up....*)

And the winner is.....


Congrats!! :)

Gimnastica... to reclaim your prize, please email me at andriaandalexdragorn@gmail.com so we can get started about talking about your blog design. (please follow the rules here)

And the rest of you.... well, if you really super duper want a blog design, all of my designs are free anyway (it's just way fun to win one ;)), so if you want one, too, please email me and follow the rules. :)

Thanks so much, everybody, for entering!!! I had a blast!! :)

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