AS--Arawyn's Idea

Damien was hanging high above the forest floor in a net made of old vines and was glaring down at me indignantly.

"Aren't you going to let me down?!" he yelled.

I smiled. "Maybe. Maybe."

That's when I got my idea...

* * *

"Damien," I hissed up to him. "I know a way to get your dad back. Just don't freak out, OK?"

"How can I not freak out!?" Damien cried. "I'm stuck in a trap while you're down there on the ground! Now CUT ME DOWN!"

I sighed. "OK, OK, hold your horses. I'll cut you down. But only if you agree that we're in this together."

My eyes searched out his face in the darkness. Only by the magic that hung in the air, soft little glittering lights, could I see Damien's face. He was glaring at me moodily. Finally, he sighed.

"Alright, alright. Now cut me down."

I pulled an arrow out of my quiver, drew back, and let loose. The arrow cut through the rope holding the net to the tree branch, and Damien fell to the ground with a loud THUMP. I pulled him out of the mess of the net and to his feet.

"Now here's the plan," I whispered. "We've got to find a nearby town and a tavern."

Damien frowned. "What?"

"We've got to find a Sky Ship that'll be able to take us after Brumby," I explained. "I'm sure there's someone that'll be willing to do it. I mean, I'm sure you have some money..." I smiled up at him.

He glared. "Yes, I have SOME money. But there's just one problem."

"Yeah?" I demanded.

Damien ran a hand through his hair. "Where's a nearby town?"

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