Twilight's Last Night--Chapter 7

Chapter Seven

My palms went sweaty as I walked up the steps of the stage and into the back, where Mrs. Volini was waiting. I remembered what that girl had said about the stage kiss and felt about ready to puke. Mrs. Volini raised an eyebrow.

"Katrina?" she questioned. "Are you alright?"

"Yeah." I hurried up the rest of the steps.

Mrs. Volini showed me into a room in the back and flipped a script at me. It was old and worn, creases all over it. I opened the page and was disgusted when I touched it and it was warm from hand sweat. I quickly wiped my hands on my jeans.

"Go to page eleven," she instructed. "Where it says 'Romeo and Juliet' on the heading. You'll do the girl's part, and I'll do the guy's."

I opened to page eleven, with the "Romeo and Juliet" heading. There was a little bit of a bantering going on between a guy and girl character. I took a deep breath.

"Um, Mrs. Volini?" I queried. "What kind of emotion am I supposed to do?"

She smiled. "You know? You're the first person to ask that. However, I want you to read through it and come up with your own emotion, alright?"

I nodded. "OK. Got it."

I read through the whole thing. It was basically some girl arguing about whether or not they should have a surprise party for somebody, and the guy was against it. I gave Mrs. Volini a quizzical look but continued to read it. I would've read the part in a half angry tone, getting kind of loud at times, and then at other times breaking down. She really DID sound depressed.

"Ready?" Mrs. Volini smiled.

I took a deep breath. "Yeah." God, please help me.

We finished the read through a few minutes later. I handed back the script and walked out, and Mrs. Volini called in another kid.

By the time all of the kids were done auditioning, I was sick with worry. Mrs. Volini came on stage.

"Everyone here today," she started, "got a part."

A huge cheer went up.

"And now I'll start announcing your roles."

Lots of names were called up, scripts were given out, and people came back into the seats. I wasn't getting called up. And Romeo and Juliet hadn't been announced yet. I was feeling even more sick.

"Katrina Bale, Evan Jackson, and Marina Hamilton."

Me, the boy, and the girl with the mean glasses comment.

We all filed on stage.

Who was I going to be?


  1. Well, I finally got around to reading Katrina's story. And I love it so far! It's weird because I'm writing a story that's sort of like it. It's about this girl named Miranda who is shy except when she's on stage. At her high school, she tries out for The Music Man and gets the main role with her best friend! :D Great minds think alike I guess!

    ~ Jess

    1. Thanks!! :) I'm glad you did. I really like writing about Katrina, because she's kind of like me. (except when you get to know me I do a lot more jokes haha =D) That sounds really awesome!! You should post it!! :)

  2. Hey what a cool blog :) JUst followed it too :) check out mine k?

    1. Thanks, Jenna!! I love your blog. :) Glad you could finally check out mine, too!! :) (I already follow)


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