Locked Away #1

Yes, a linkup. :)

You've all convinced me with my poll... haha ;)

Anyway, so here's the scoop....

How to linkup:
1. Grab the picture and put it in your post. (you can also put it on the side of your blog, too, if you want.)
2. Pretend that you're writing a journal entry. Make up a character, where they live, time period, family, etc.
3. Follow the theme for each linkup for your journal entry. (example: "love", "hate", "forgiveness", "family"....)
4. You must be a follower of this blog.
5. Have fun!! :)

I hope lots of you do it!! :)

OK, so, the theme for our very first Locked Away|secrets and stories, is going to be "sadness":

Dear Diary,

My name is Helen Jones. I'm thirteen years old, and I live in England. The year is 1940. Sadness fills my heart, even as I write this first entry. You, dear diary, were a gift from my departing brother, who has gone to join my father in the great war. I thought that nothing was as horrible as my father leaving, but when Jim left... I don't know if I can keep this up anymore. I try to be cheerful for Mother and Mary and Sara, but it's not easy. Sorry about the teardrops on the page. I just can't keep them back. I don't know if I'm ever going to see my father and brother ever again.


Yeah, that's kind of what I was thinking... =P Anyway, if you leave the URL to your linkup in the comments, I'll check it out!! :)


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