A chapter in which Wyn says almost nothing [amazingly]

"Just show me how to use a bow, and then I'm out of here," I hissed.

"Ooh, a spitfire." He rolled his eyes. "Fine. I'll show you. But you'd better learn fast."

It was then that the trumpets blared.

* * *
We were moving out. Wow. How amazing.

I followed the horrible blonde dude up the steps, and out into the courtyard. I spotted Sir William on his prancing horse.

"Where's my page?!" he was yelling. "Where's my page?!"

I quickly ran up to his horse. "Here, my lord."

He quickly threw me the reins of a horse that he'd been leading along beside him. "Here, this is your mount."

I quietly thanked the Lord that I'd learned how to ride. I mean, it wasn't like I'm the type of girl to sit around embroidering cushions all day. Nope, I loved riding horses. I was pretty much sure I could handle the horse easily, because, I mean, really, I'd ridden Lochinvar's horse before, and his was supposed to be the best there was.

We rode out with the huge company of knights. The dust rose up in my face and I started coughing, pulling my tunic over my nose. We rode until sundown and then stopped at what Sir William called a "safe house". Inside, the others made a fire and we all sat around it, the knights joking and telling tales. The blonde dude, who Sir William told me was Neil--"He is Neil, son of the Lord of Hookinshire"--decided that we were going to buddies and sat next to me all night. I mostly just looked down at my feet so that nobody would look at my face.

As I pulled my blankets to the far corner of the room, far away from the other knights, I couldn't help but think about Walter. What on earth was he doing? Was he thinking about me? Was he worried? I settled down, but I couldn't go to sleep, the one thought haunting me--what if I can't find Lochinvar?

I closed my eyes and went to sleep.

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