Therapy, Track Meets, and... did I say Subway??

Hey!! :)

This might end up being a pretty short post. I don't know yet. =P

Anyway, so, I've been really busy all day.

This morning I went to do therapy at the therapist's (instead of just at home), and that went really good. I'm really enjoying therapy. (because of the people I'm with while I'm doing it, not because of screaming muscles haha =D)

So, apparently, I'm actually [hopefully] getting my super sweet awesome neon yellow knee brace NEXT Thursday instead of this Thursday (aka today). And that's because the guy who was getting my order apparently had never done the order himself, so he just didn't know. Yeah. I don't think I got any new exercises to do at home, but I got to do some more while I was at therapy.

I was just wondering... Do you guys have like any questions about therapy? (i.e. what's your favorite thing to do? What's the hardest? What's the scariest thing?) I mean, I wouldn't tell you like where I'm doing it at, names, or anything, I was just wondering if you guys had any questions. :) Because I'd love to answer any questions if I could.

Anyway, so, after therapy, I got shipped over to a high school to watch a track meet. It was pretty good. I got a really bad sunburn on one side of myself (aka the half that wasn't underneath the umbrella =P), like even my hand!!!, and my eyes are pretty bloodshot. Otherwise, I'm good and it was fun to watch. =D Yeah, and I got a Subway sandwich....... :)

So, that was basically my day.

I was wondering--does anybody else get really mad when they get a Subway sandwich and it's like basically just meat and bread?? That about just KILLS me!! I get really mad. =P (about sandwiches, no less.... *strange me*) Or like when they dump all of your vegetables in the middle of your sandwich. (actually, the person today did that with my jalapeno  peppers. I was like "where are they?" That's when I bit into the other half of my foot long.... =P)

Anyway, enough of my crazy rambling. :)

God bless you guys!! Hope you had a great day!! :)


  1. Haha . . . I love Subway sandwiches, but I agree that just meat & bread would be a huge bummer!

    About therapy . . . *does* it get scary from time to time? Does it ever hurt really bad? Do you ever want to scream at your therapist for forcing you to go any farther? Do you think, "They can never understand what I'm going through"? So those questions were kind of influenced by the kind of therapy I've seen in movies--I've never actually been in therapy myself. . . .

    Hope you get well soon!

    1. Me, too!! Sometimes they do a really good job and I'm just like "I'm going to rate their subway like 10 on the 1-to-10 scale on their website!!" or something. =P

      Um, well, not so far. =D It doesn't really hurt at all. My therapist's always really aware as to if I'm hurting. If it hurts, I stop. Nope, it's actually pretty easy. They never push you so that you get hurt, because they don't want to hurt you more. :) Therapy is actually not scary at all. =D

      Thanks!! :)

  2. I'd love to know about therapy. :) What exactly do you do there? :)

    1. Well, basically, I go in and I'm given these different exercises. I do 15-30 of each exercise. The point of my therapy is to get myself strengthened for my brace. :)


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