Youth Group Camp Out ;)

Hey!! :)

Sorry I haven't posted, commented, or replied to your comments for two days. =P I have been... camping! OK, OK, it wasn't camping. It was just a youth group (girls only ;)) camp-out in a cabin with our youth pastor's wife. It was TONS of fun!!!!! :) We played some really fun games like imaginiff (new fave game!!! :)) and Quelf (hilarious ;D). haha I've had a kind of cold for the past while, so I thought "yeah, you know, I'll go to bed by like ten" and, of course, I've been wanting to get better for the play auditions tomorrow (SO EXCITED!!! :)) and so when our youth pastor's wife asked us if we wanted to watch a movie (their clock was wrong, so it said like 8:45, but it was really like 10:30) I was like "oh, yeah sure". And then I found out what time it was. =P So, I fell asleep on the floor to the sounds of How to Train Your Dragon. Yeah. =P (The next morning I found out that they'd stayed up until 12:10. Me: ?!!!?????? Yes, I am an early bird.... =P) Yesterday we went on a scavenger hunt (well, kind of like that) and our prize was very rewarding--a Bible with a whole bunch of great verses to look up!!!! :) We had lots of fun tramping around in the forest and field. (It was quite a relief, though, when we found the truck haha =D) And then yesterday when we finally got back, I was so tired (partly from walking around, partly from staying up so late, partly from my cold [probably]) that I just sat down and watched a movie. =D haha ;)

So, yeah, that's what's been happening. ;)

What's been going on in your life?

By the way, thanks for the two new interviews!! I'll get them posted soon. ;) And I'll keep ya'll updated on the play!!! :) Can't wait!! Be praying!!!

Lator gator.

Over and out.


  1. That sound like so much fun!!! And I love the game Imagine if!!! It's so funny:P

  2. Hi Storyteller!!

    Sounds like you had a great week!!! Hope you do good in your auditions!


  3. Sounds like so much fun!! I have been sick as well except I had a stomach bug and allergies. Going out with your youth group is awesome!! My youth group went to a nursing home yesterday. Sadly I was still recovering from being sick and couldn't make it. And I certainly didn't want to get older people sick with the throw ups!

    1. I'm so sorry!! Hope you get better soon!!

  4. That sounds like so much fun!!!


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