Twilight's Last Night--Chapter Six

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Chapter Six

The next day in drama class, the auditions continued. We'd already covered singing and dancing the day before, and today I was pretty much positive that we were going to be covering emotion and a loud clear voice. If it was anything like our drama club's other auditions, it meant that we'd be going in for a private reading with Mrs. Volini and her three assistant directors.

The auditorium was a buzz. It was mostly the girls oohing over the thought of being Juliet and the guys groaning about being picked for Romeo. I pushed my glasses up my nose and leaned forward in my seat. I didn't care who I got. I just wanted to get somebody. I just wanted to be apart of the play, you know? I loved drama club. It was like a special kind of family. I loved being apart of that family more than anything.

"...and I heard that Mrs. Volini went and changed the play around and added new characters," a girl next to me was saying to a boy on the other side of her. "So who knows? Maybe you won't get Romeo. Just relax."

He glared. "I've been the main character of all of this drama club's plays for like as long as I've been here." He groaned. "Face it. I'm going to be Romeo."

"He has the most lines for a boy," I offered.

They both turned, surprised that I'd spoken up.

"And...and you'd get to be on stage the most," I continued. "And I bet you'll have the best costume. So what's so bad with that?" I managed a smile.

The girl raised an eyebrow. "Don't you know anything? Romeo and Juliet have to do a stage kiss."

"But... but this is only high school!" I squeaked out nervously. "I'm not going to kiss anybody!"

"With your glasses, you won't have to worry about it," she shot back.

I pulled away, stung. Why did she have to bring up the fact that I had glasses? What was wrong with that? I'd played lots of people with my glasses. I frowned. She was just trying to be mean. Don't let it get to you, Katrina, I thought to myself, following it with the short prayer, God, please forgive her and help her to become a Christian.

The girl who'd been reading with Mrs. Volini came out crying. I sighed. Apparently she hadn't gotten Juliet.

I don't even want that part anymore, I thought to myself. I don't want to have to kiss anybody! Just the thought made my body be on edge. I WAS NOT going to do a stage kiss of any kind. Were they nuts?! I was only fourteen!

"Katrina Bale." Mrs. Volini was waiting.

I gulped.

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