Which girl are you? A personality quiz.

Take this quiz to find out if you're...

Candace--beauty, grace, gentleness
Brenna--resourceful, talented, funny
Gabrielle--faithful, tough, warrior
Jessie--adventurous, spunky, daring

Ready? Let's go!

1. You see somebody getting bullied. What would you do?
A. Talk to the bully and make them realize that what they're doing is wrong.
B. Go and get a teacher for help.
C. Protect the kid getting beaten up.
D. Yell at somebody to go get help and then get between the bully and the kid and hope you don't get pummeled.

2. You learn that your best friend is moving. What do you do?
A. Manage a smile and tell them that's great, even though you feel about ready to cry.
B. Tell them how much you're going to miss them and that wherever they go, it's about to become a better place because of them.
C. Tell them that you'll find a way to make them stay.
D. Have a tearful goodbye and make sure to promise to write to her about your adventures.

3. Somebody trips in the cafeteria and denies that they did it. What do you do?
A. Gracefully say you're sorry that you excused them and forget about it.
B. Tell your parents. They know that you're truthful, and they'll get it straightened out.
C. Yell at them. You KNOW it was them!
D. Glare fiercely and walk off. You'll get even.

4. What's your plan for your life?
A. Get married and have a family.
B. Go to college and pursue your dreams, and maybe have a family.
C. Stay single forever and have a big business degree. Or maybe join the army.
D. Be a missionary or some kind of person who travels all over the world!!

5. What's your passion?
A. Sewing.
B. Writing.
C. Sports.
D. Gymnastics.

6. You just got kidnapped and thrown into a car. What do you do?
A. Stay calm and wait for some way to escape.
B. Think up a plan and get away.
C. Fight back, and maybe get away.
D. Open the door and jump out, of course!

7. If you changed your blog name, what would you change it to (out of the following)(taglines included)?
A. Whimsical Thoughts|Diary of a Dreamer
B. Locked Away|Secrets and Stories
C. Whetherby House|What really happens there?
D. Barefoot Roses|Scribblings by a wacky, strange, crazy girl

8. What would be your ride?
A. A horse, of course.
B. Your parents' car.
C. A motorcycle.
D. A jet!!

9. How could you see yourself dying?
A. In the arms of someone you love.
B. In your bedroom, passing away quietly.
C. Saving someone's life.
D. Doing something awesomely crazy, like jumping out of a plane or climbing Mount Everest!

10. What's your favorite name?
A. Candace.
B. Brenna.
C. Gabrielle.
D. Jessie.

Thanks so much for taking, everybody!! Tallying the results... ;)

Mostly As and you're...

Candace is a girl full of beauty, grace, and gentleness.

Mostly Bs, and you're...

Brenna is a girl who's resourceful, talented, and funny.
Mostly Cs, and you're...

Gabrielle's a girl who's faithful, tough, and a warrior.
Mostly Ds, and you're....

Jessie's a girl who's adventurous, spunky, and daring!
Congrats!! :) Thanks so much for taking the quiz!!

I'm Brenna!!! Whoopteedoo. ;D


  1. I'm a perfect tie between Candace, Breanna and Gabrielle...hmm. :)

    1. This means that you get to choose. ;D

    2. Gabrielle! :)

    3. Awesome!!! :) (her picture's so cool... haha =D)

  2. I'm Candace and then I got Brenna :)

  3. I'm Candace. That's really weird considering I'm not exactly full of beauty, grace, or gentleness. But Gabrielle was a close second ;)

    1. I'm sure you ARE full of beauty, grace, and gentleness. :)

  4. oh my! I have four of Brenna, four of Jessie, and one each of the others. Who am I? =D

    1. uh haha um let's see..... how about you choose between Brenna and Jessie? =D

  5. I tied between Brenna and Jessie! Great quiz:)

  6. I'm Candace! I was really surprised - I thought I would get Brenna or Jessie! :D

    1. Awesome;) I don't know... I think you're kind of a mix of the three. =D (yeah, and I didn't think I'd get Brenna, either... ;))

  7. Brenna, Gabrielle as second:)


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