An Instantly Awesome Interview

We have yet another interview. This time it's with the lovely Madeline of Instantly British. (Why not stop for tea, love?)

Anyway, so here are the questions and her answers:

1. What is your favorite type of story? (fantasy, mystery, etc.)

Oh, I'm so mixed. Currently I'm enjoying Greek/Roman books, such as the Mark of Athena {which came out just a few days ago!!!! When I got it I hugged it like crazy!}

2. What is your favorite season? 

Fall. Even though I have a birthday in spring, nothing can beat fall.

3. What is/was your favorite subject in school?

Nah, spelling. Possibly.

4. What do you want to be when you grow up/or already are? 

I don't know. I'll be happy with anything God calls me to do.

5. If you could have a pet--any kind, even magical, mythical, not real...--what would you have? 

An olliphaunt. ;) {elephant} Or Pooh Bear.

6. What do you think I look like? (hair color, eye color, etc.) 

When I see your face {in my mind}, I picture you as a person with a hood shading their face. In my mind, you just ''are''. {That sounds horribly mean; I'm not trying to be mean! Just answering your question honestly}.

7. What is your favorite eye/hair combination? 

Redish/brown hair with brown eyes.

8. What's your favorite type of blog? (a story blog, random blog, etc.) 

I don't have a favorite sort.

9. What is your favorite color? 

I know it sounds wacky beyond belief, but my favorite color currently is orange. Not dark orange {eww!}, but neon or sunset orange. {Oh yea, oh yea, oh yea oh yea oh yea PIE!}

10. What are some of your favorite foods?

THE CHICK-FIL-A KIDS' MEAL!!!! {Yeah, I can still eat that without being hungry :p}

11. What's your favorite thing about blogging? 

Being able to freak my followers out. ;) Then I do a make-up post and it fills in the gap my crazy post made.

12. If you could change your name, what would you change it to? 

Crimson or Kate. Or Reyna.

13. If you could live anywhere in the world--or magical worlds--where would you live? 

I would live in one of my story character's world. Most likely ''Snow White's'' {I haven't posted her story yet, but it's nothing like the Disney movie, be assured}. 

14. What is your favorite blog? 

That is a horrible question to answer. Since I can't play favorites, I somewhat truthfully say Instantly British {my ''life'' blog}.

Great answers, Madeline!!!!!!! INSTANTLY AWESOME!!!!! :)

And you can just take this off and put it on your blog. :)

If you would like to interviewed, go to my interview page and fill out the questions!!!! :) You will also get linked to your blog and get to take off the "award" above.
Thanks to the people who have already done interviews!!! :)

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