My Life............... yep. ;D

Dear Readers,

(No, this isn't Wyn.)

(No, this is Arawyn.)

(Yes, it's finally Storyteller!!) =D

Anyway, so you might be wondering why I've been so busy and everything.

(I mean, I usually post every day and I haven't posted yesterday and basically haven't posted today.)

The reason is:


The biggest excuse of all.

Anyway, so what exactly have I been doing?

Yesterday I was babysitting all day. But it was older kids, so that was pretty easy. And then we watched The Princess Bride and the girl and I were just realizing how useless Buttercup was. ("Hit the ROUS with the stick!!! NOW!!!! Oh, no, what are you doing?! Don't cry for help!! Wesley can't save you!! For goodness sake, HIS ARM IS BEING CHEWED OFF!!!!!" or "Quick! He let go of your arm! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!")

And then today I was off at a cross country meet, meeting up with one of my bestest of friends and getting a horrible sun burn.

So, yeah.

What have you been doing? ;D


  1. Hey! About the caption contest: I guess you could use any pic though my original intent was to use one of the ones I captioned... Though you are welcome to use a different pic! I look forward to your entry! :)

  2. Dear Storyteller,

    Well let me see this morning I had bible study with my dad and sisters then when we got home I spent at least two hours editing the first chapter of my Cathrine Weatherbane book so I could post it Monday and after that I posed for some pictures for Ani and now I'm doing this :)

    Your Friend
    Poem Girl

    Oh wow I just realized I didn't have any supper!

    1. Dear Poem Girl,

      Wow, sounds like you were busy!! :) Hope you get some supper!!!!!


  3. Eating oranges. :D And highlighting hair with a Crayola marker... {it works! then you can wash it out}
    I'm just about to launch your giveaway! If you want, here is a easy tutorial about how to make blog buttons: {I made the button on PicMonkey then skipped to the fifteenth step and went from there}
    If you want it.... ;)

    1. hahahaha =D

      I know how to make blog buttons, but thanks anyway. :)


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