No, Wyn hasn't died. Yes, this is another part of her story. :)

OK, I admit it--I was feeling bad for the kid, whatshisname Scott. Oh, yeah--Walt.

Anyway, I was feeling bad for him because, well, actually I don't know why. And then I started to realize that maybe he'd make a great friend--even an ally--with me against Lochinvar. It's always nice to have a friend to be like partner-in-crime with or something.

Which is why when I was swinging in the palace gardens and I heard somebody bumbling along (I was sure it was that Walter Scott kid because all of my parents' staff is trained to walk around as silently as cats so that they don't disturb us or any guests that might be staying at the castle at that time. So it just had to be Walter Scott) coming right towards me and I didn't move like my body was telling me to.

(Go! Run! Hide! Run for your life!)

(You can imagine the mental battle going on.)

At that moment I felt as alone as a tree by itself in a meadow. Literally. Even though I was in the palace gardens just surrounded by trees.

"Oh, Lady Wyn!" Walter's voice squeaked from behind me. "I...I didn't know you were here..."

"No, it's OK," I said quickly. I paused. "Walter, when I said sorry to you the other day, I didn't really mean it. I just said it." I glanced up at him. "But I really am sorry. Please forgive me."

He was stunned. "Oh, yeah, OK," he said. "I forgive you."

I smiled.

And then and there started the friendship of the century.

Until, of course, he ruined it.


  1. Haha that was awesome. really. :) cant wait for more!

  2. Hey Storyteller! I love the story, and I'm anxiously awaiting what will happen next! I'm giving away an American girl book at my blog! It's here:

    1. Hey, Laura! :)
      Thanks! I'll be posting more soon!!! =D
      That's so great!! I won't be entering it, though. :( So sorry. I don't do giveaways or anything like that because of security reasons. :( :(
      I hope a lot of other people enter!!!!
      Have a great day!!! God bless you!!! :)

  3. Oh my gosh! Cliffhangers!! Write more asap!!
    Purple Pixie

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it!!! Sorry, I just like leaving you guys hanging. Literally. :P =D I will definitely write more soon!! Keep a sharp eye-out for it!!!! :)


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