This is my day. Literally.

Sorry I'm posting late today and that I haven't commented on any of your lovely blogs. :(

I was just really busy.

First of all--babysitting. But they were older, so this is not one of those "I HATE BABYSITTING!!!" moments.

Second of all--choir. Yes, I'm now in a choir (as of today). I'm singing soprano (it's not as high as you might think). It's lots of fun!!! Today we were learning a revised (and very, very, VERY long version) of the Twelve Days of Christmas. It was lovely. :)

(I hope you didn't take that as sarcasm, because it wasn't. I know I've used it in stories a lot when it's something like "...and so and so horrible person is coming over. Lovely" but it wasn't like it. It really WAS lovely.)

(Yes, I can be not sarcastic.) :P

And then I went and got shipped over to bell choir!!!!! (If you have no idea what THAT is, just click the label with it. You'll get a lot of it. And maybe YOU'LL join a bell choir. It's definitely lots of fun.) I play the middle D and E notes, and, when forced (haha actually when necessary) I play D flat, D sharp, and E flat. (I don't do E sharp, because that's F.) =D

And so I just got back.

Oh, and I probably forgot to mention the break at the library.

Best part of the day. JK.

Choir was awesome. Bell choir was awesome. Babysitting was OK and especially OK since we got to watch How to Train Your Dragon. (I KNOW!! SWEET, RIGHT?!) (OK, I hope you're not laughing at me right now........)

So, anyway, that's why I haven't commented.

But thanks for all of the comments!!!! I just love coming home to that. :)

You might ask me sometime in the near future why I haven't spilled the beans about what's happening in life.

Probably because I never get comments on those, and I just oh-so-love to hear from all of you lovely people. :)

But, anyway, if you waiting for one of those posts, here it is.


And now goodbye!!!! Have a great day/evening/night!!!! 


  1. Awesome! That sounds like a fun (and busy) day. :)
    I'm in a choir too! :D It's so much fun!
    I actually used to be in bell choir. :)

    Love, Jess

    1. It was. :)
      I know!! Super awesome!! I love all of the girls in the choir, too, so that makes it all the more enjoyable. :)
      Cool!! What notes did you play?? What was your favorite part about it?? (Or did you hate it, which is why you stopped down it? ;D)



    2. Yeah! :D
      Well, it was a long time ago, so I kind of forget. But I do remember playing the really high notes in songs. And I only did it for like half a year. :)

    3. Yeah, my bells are definitely not the higher notes. They're actually pretty big, but in the middle. I like them a lot. :)

  2. I so know what you mean about being busy! Sounds like you are having fun though <3 alex

    1. I am DEFINITELY having fun. Sorry I haven't stopped at your blog in, like, ages. :P I feel horrible about that..... :/

  3. I loved this post! Sounds like a busy yet fun day! I just followed your blog a few days ago and I love it!


    1. Aww, thanks, Hannah!! :) It was a GREAT day!!! I got to connect with a lot of awesome people. :)


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