Caught in a Rainstorm

My name, it seems, has long been forgotten. Maybe you have heard it before. If you have, it is possible, that you have been following my journey--my journey of life.

My name, for those of you who don't know, is something that is very coveted. I usually must use fake names for the safety of me and the kingdom.

My name..... Arawyn Summersprite.

I believe that the last that you know of me, I was going on a journey with an elderly man by the name of Brumby and a boy by the name of Damien.

And, if you would remember with me, I was just going to pack a few things before we headed off on a journey that would change my life--and theirs--forever............

"There you are!" cried Damien. "FINALLY! You took like forever to collect your things." He folded his arms and glared at me.

I glared right back at him. "Well," I started, my hand straying to my bow, "I'd say that since I'm to be for like--oh, wait, like forever!!"--glare, glare--"that I should be able to take as long as I want!"

"Don't be worried, Arawyn," Brumby said quickly, shooting a nasty look Damien's way. "My son can be a little... INTERESTING at times. But you mustn't let him bother you. You know--just those teenager boy hormones."

"Teenager boy...!" Damien sputtered.

"...And I doubt that he'll be as nasty for the whole trip," Brumby continued, ignoring Damien.

I glared. "Well, then, let's set off."

We started off down the path together, all of us silent. It was very unnerving. I didn't want to break the silence, either. Let my companions do that. It wasn't as if I'D started the silence. I'd personally put all of the blame right on Damien's shoulders. He had been a jerk like, well, like the whole time. Sometimes I might've not have helped, but still...

"I'd say that it's almost time to settle down for the night," commented Brumby, glancing up at the dark sky. "We don't want to be out in the open when that storm starts."

I looked up, too. A large storm was brewing. I definitely didn't want to get stuck out here in the storm. Though the trees would provide some coverage, we'd still be soaked through by morning.

I quickly started collecting large branches and setting them against one of the trees. Once Brumby and Damien saw that I was making a shelter, they quickly helped. (I suppose they were afraid that if they didn't, I wouldn't let them underneath it.) Either way, we soon had the shelter up. We quickly took refuge underneath it just as large, fat raindrops started to plat right on us.

"We'll, I'm sure glad we got that up quick," commented Brumby, staring up at at the solid ceiling of our shelter. He glanced at me. "How on earth did you know how to make this, Arawyn?"

I gave him a "seriously?" look. "I've been living by myself for longer than I can remember almost. I should say that I should've learned at least something about surviving in the wild, don't you think?"

"Oh, yes, of course," he nodded.

I don't know how long we waited, but, finally, the rain started to stop...

To read more of Arawyn's story, click the "Arawyn Summersprite" label.


  1. hello there!
    wow, your blog layout is amazing!! :O
    and you are such a good writer!! I want to be a writer too! xx

    1. Hey, EJ! :)
      Why, thank you!! I love blog designing!!!!! :)
      I also love writing. :) Thank you for the compliment!! I'm sure you are a wonderful writer!!!!!! :)
      Good to meet you!!

    2. haha my blog looks stupid compared to yours!!! :D
      but im not as talented in blog designing as you it seems.

      aww hey thank you! i want to publish a book some day :) maybe ill read yours someday too?

    3. It does not.
      I could make a header for you. I would LOVE to do that. :)

      You're welcome. I'm sure you will, if you keep working at it. :)

    4. oh could you really make a header for me?? that would be awesome!!! ♥

    5. Yes, I would love to!! :)

      If you want to exchange something, could you tell me how to do the heart? ;D

    6. okay!! all you do is hold down the 'alt' and the number '3' key together and voila! ♥♥♥

    7. lol that didn't quite work. :P

  2. Great post! you're SUCH a greaaattttt writer!! love your blog!

    Isabelle <3

    1. Thanks, Isabelle!!!! :) Welcome to my blog! Hope you stay around!!!


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