Chapter onehundredthactuallyidon'tremember

It was like I was swept out of time.

I was dressed in a dress of white.

I was standing in a place where everything was black.

There was nothing lovely; there was no light.

And as I looked I saw two towers standing there, across from each other.

Dark creatures poured out from each.

They were heading towards me.

I had to hide, but there was no where to go. I could only stand there, out in the open, shining like a beacon in my white.

They came closer. I stood, hair billowing.

They drew, nearer and nearer, until...

I woke with a start, sweat dripping down my back.

I glanced around the room. It was the same as always, the same red that my sister had picked when she'd stayed in this same room.

(It might seem unfair that I had to live in a room that she'd already been in once when we have hundreds and she could've just stayed in this room, but she didn't like this room and apparently my parents were afraid that I'd have nightmares and need to go to them. Their room was like right across from mine. And was it unfair? Yes.)

I quickly got out of bed. My door was locked, as always, as I hated it when Ellen tried to steal something of mine--usually like clothes or something--in the middle of the night or early morning when she was sure that I'd be asleep. (I usually actually wasn't, but I was just getting tired of getting in trouble when I started to "beat up on her" and then I would get in trouble for it and of course she was mama's girl and didn't get in trouble at all. Ugh.)

I quickly slipped off my linen nightgown and put on a dress. (*snort* for like once in my life.)

But I made sure it wasn't white.

I closed my eyes.

Instead of the scene that had haunted my dreams, I found myself staring at a black horse that slightly resembled Lochinvar's.

My eyes flipped open.

What did all of this mean?


  1. Is this Wyn's story? It didn't sound like it at first. :)

  2. It's AWESOME!
    And I was wondering if you wouldn't mind if I posted stories on my blog? They would be different from yours, the genres (well, I do have one story that might seem a little like Wyn's but I got the idea from a dream. Its not that close to hers.) I didn't want to feel like I'm copying from you! :-)
    ~Purple Pixie

    PS- Sorry if I rambled a lot and didn't make any sense!

    1. Thanks!! :)
      It's not as if I can stop you haha :) Yeah, that'd be totally awesome if you posted stories of your own!!! I always love to read other girls' stories. :) As long as you haven't like pulled off my stories or stolen an idea or anything, I don't see why not!!! Yeah, dreams can kind of seem the same sometimes. :P I would you a definite YES for the stories idea!!!!! =D

      Oh, I love rambling. I happen to be a pro at it. =D


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