Before I begin today, I have a few things we have to cover. :)

1. Thanks for all of the votes for the Dragonmaster header!!! :) The voting will continue right up to when the poll closes. At that time I'll put the winning header up on my blog Dragonmaster. However, if you do not vote on the poll itself, I'm sorry to say that YOUR POLL IS INVALID. I feel horrible saying it, but there's the truth. :P

2. Thank you so much for my 51 followers!!!!!! Awhile ago that seemed so far away. :) And now it's a reality!!! Thanks so much!!!!!! =D

3. OK, WAS going to do a book review today, but I changed my mind. Why? Because the book I was reading was kind of scary. OK, you'll probably think I'm silly when I tell you that it was a Dear America book. But reading about the Salem Witch Trials can get kinda scary. I Walk in Dread--The Diary of Deliverance Trembley is the first Dear America book that I have EVER questioned to whether or not I was going to have bad dreams after reading it. :P

OK, now on with the show!!! :)

I had been here before. But then, I was a young girl. I had yet to fear of losing everything that I had known. I had not even thought of the possibility of my life falling down--crashing down around me in pieces that shattered my heart.
      Then everything was perfect.
     And that's when the Sky Pirates came. 
     Flying through the air in their Sky Ships, they came and plundered my village. They stole the children, killed the adults, and... missed me. I had been out in the forest, all by  myself. And when I'd come back? Everyone was gone. As I'd stared up at the sky, I'd only caught the last glimpse of the ship before it disappeared on the horizon.
     Weak with grief and propelled by rage, I flew through the forest, barely able to see because of my tears. I finally collapsed from exhaustion, and when I woke up, I was totally lost. And so I lived in the forest ever since.

Even as I lay awake by the fire, the sounds of Brumby and Damien sleeping coming to my ears, I relived the whole time. I wondered why on earth the Sky Pirates had to come on that night. As I glanced over at my sleeping companions, answers failed to come to me.

I'm all alone, the thought came to me. You were alone the second those pirates came and destroyed your world.

What would have happened if I'd been taken by the pirates?

I can only wonder.


  1. Dear Storyteller,
    Oh aren't those "Dear America"
    books kinda sad I've read a few
    and while they're very explanatory
    they also sometimes make me cry.

    Your Friend
    Poem Girl

    1. Yeah, some of them are pretty sad. :( Others are really good, though. :)

  2. AHH! I JUST REACH 50 TODAY! I'm trying to get sponsors for a giveaway. So far no replies... but that's okay...

    1. So cool!!! :) What do you do as a sponsor?? If it doesn't involve money or email (lol) I would love to do it for you. :)

    2. There are 3 types of sponsors I would like to have if not do:
      One sends you money {I think that's how it works... :)}
      One sends you something to review
      One gives you something to giveaway.
      You do blog designs, so that qualifies in the third group. :)
      If you would like to sponsor, just tell me! I'll need a button from any of your blogs.

    3. Well, usually when you do blog designs, you have to do email. But I create create headers and buttons for people. :) (and like the words that you put over gadgets with instructions on how to insert them) How about that? Would that work?

      Love working with you, Madeline!! :)


      P.S. What's with the protest thingy on your blog?? I've missed corresponding with you. :(

  3. Ok that story on the sky pirates was so cool:-) please make a book/story off that! It was totally epic:-)

    1. I'm glad you liked it!! Click the lable "Arawyn Summersprite" to read the rest of the story. :)


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