Found--Book Review

I see it, I see it. :P

I suppose I could do a book review again.

I know, I haven't done one in like forever.

But, I DO have a REALLY good book to do a review about. :)

I'm getting to read this book with a book club that I'm apart of. I'm in the third book. Great series!! :)

Name: Found
Series: The Missing
Author: Margaret Peterson Haddix
Categories: Time Travel, middle school, adoption

Summary: Jonah has always known that he was adopted, but it's never bothered him. Until now, since he's been receiving mysterious letters. He's sure they're just a prank. But when his best friend Chip reveals that he's getting the same letters, they realize it's more than it seems...

Sorry, I can't really reveal any more. :P

Good points: a draw-you-in on-the-edge-of-your-seat plot, which it has to be for impatient readers like myself. Strong characters. Pretty real-life about how they think about things. Very well-done plot, and it keeps you guessing about what on earth is going on.

Bad points: of course since they're in middle school there's the boy/girl issue. (Which stinks. Just saying.) But it's not that bad. Just boyfriend/girlfriend, and it gets forgotten sometimes. It's still a pretty big issue, though, and it kind of bugs me. There was also a very, very mind swear word, and the person wasn't even saying it, they were quoting somebody else. (You guys probably wouldn't think it's a swear word, but for me, it is.)

All in all, though, I'd give this book a rating of..............

Yup. It's a good book.

So, if you've heard of it, go check it out and read it!!!!

I shall warn you, though, that if you're at the library and they have the second book, GET THE SECOND BOOK WHATEVER YOU DO. It ends off like right in a spot where you want it to keep on going. So, yeah, get the second book.

I'm the third book, and they're still going good!!!!!

Until later,

And, by the way, tell me if you like this book review. If you guys don't like it, tell me anyway and I won't do anymore of these posts. Just trying to make these as interesting as possible!!!! :) And thanks to new follower EJ!!! Love you guys. <3

P.S. Funny story before we leave: when I first got the book, for a second I thought that "Haddix" was apart of the name. :P


  1. I love this book too! :D I've read 4 of them. I can't wait until the 5th comes out!

    ~ Jess

    1. I know!!!!! Our book club leader told us "it's spanking new off the press". :) I can't wait to read it!!! Who's your favorite character? So far mine's Emily lol =D

  2. I have heard of this book before but your review makes me want to read it!!!! Seriously! thank you for the review!
    have a great day!

    1. You're welcome!! They're just really interesting, so I wanted to do a review on them. :)
      You, too!!

  3. Dear Storyteller,
    I've only just recently found your blog
    by complete accident I'm a teenage Christian girl and I love to write, draw, and
    read so I was positively ecstatic when I found this blog
    I've written tons of stuff but sadly have never finished any. :(
    My favorite kind of books are fantasy, mystery, and time travel a book I'd recommend is Nick of Time excellent!
    Your Friend
    Poem Girl

    1. Poem Girl,
      Well I'm so glad that you were glad to find me!! :) It's always nice to hear from other Christian girls who like to write. :) I'm sure that you'll finish one some day, if you're motivated!! :) I've heard of a Nick of Time, and it's at my library, but I have yet to check it out. Thanks for the advice!! And welcome to Storyteller of Weston County!! What was the accident that led you here? ;D

  4. GAHH! Storyteller, my library doesn't have it! It doesn't even have it for request!!! I REFUSE TO BUY IT!

    Oh, BTW, the winner of the hair cut was chosen and ''gotten''. I'll post the results with a curling tutorial later in the week. :D

    1. That's so sad!!! It's a great book!!!! :(

      Awesome!! I can't WAIT to see it!!!! :)

  5. Dear Storyteller,
    well actually I was just looking for
    a picture to copy and when I clicked on
    the one I deemed perfect it took me to your
    blog and I'm so glad this happened I think you're
    just awesome!
    I love your stories they're lots better than mine
    I don't really purposely show my stories to anyone but
    my sisters always read them anyway they say that they're great
    and I need to pick one and finish it I think I will
    thanks for the encouragement you're a great inspiration.
    Poem Girl

    1. Dear Poem Girl,
      Was it the one that's currently your profile pic? :) I love that picture, too. I've done lots of work to get some really cool pictures, because I just love getting cool pictures. :) Well, thanks so much, Poem Girl!!! :) I'm not sure if they're a lot better than yours. I'm sure yours are awesome. :) I'm glad that you're feeling encouraged. Keep on writing!!

  6. Thanks for the review, I always love a good recommendation! I just requested it from the library!


    1. You're welcome!! That's so great!! I hope you really enjoy it!! There's actually just a new book right off the press and our book club just got it. I'm so excited for my turn with it. :) Hope you enjoy the series!!



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