But is it the worthy endeavor?

"I've got to get away,"
You whispered that day,
"I'll never go there,"
You say without a care,
"I'm leaving forever,"
But is it a worthy endeavor?
"I'll never return,"
But is your freedom earned?
You've got to run,
You know you have to,
You have keep running,
You know you do.
If you look back,
They'll take you now,
But to them,
You'll never bow.
So now you run,
Never looking over your shoulder,
Always looking ahead,
Jumping over the boulder,
You don't want to go back,
Don't want to face the hurt,
Don't want to be lorded over,
To be the victim of assert.
You want to run your own life,
Don't want to be on a tether,
Don't want to be beaten,
Like old rawhide leather,
You want to run on,
Forever and forever,
But is that the worthy endeavor?


  1. Wow I love this Storyteller.


  2. OMG that is so amazing!!! you are such a good writer my storyteller friend ;P

    1. Thanks, EJ!! :) That's a real encouragement, my friend. =D

  3. WOW! At first I didn't know it was by you, but I found out, and I'm wowed! You are a crazy good writer, and this is now one of my fave poems! :D

    1. Thanks so much, ForeverJ!! :) That means a lot. :)


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