What Character are YOU? [Please take!]

OK, so I WOULD be writing another Wyn chapter right now, but I really want to leave you guys hanging for at LEAST a day. =D

(I know, I'm heartless. I hope you forgive me.)

Besides, I'm afraid that if I keep writing every day, the story's going to end quicker than I want it to. It's so sad (and happy at the same time) when you finish a story.

Anyway, so instead, I thought that I'd actually to pay attention to the poll at the bottom that says "What should I post more of?" or whatever. Anyway, so ACTUALLY, stories and poems are second. And what are first, maybe you ask? Yeah, you're right. It's still on contests and quizzes (by the way, I love whoever took it off book reviews. We had that for like a hundred years, it seemed).

OK, so our quizz today is.....

Which character are you most like?

Wyn, Arawyn (or here), Abigail Jane Applegate, or Jessie Bender? (click the links if you have no idea who the people are)

So are you guys ready? Let's go!!!!!!

1. If somebody stole your lunch, what would you do?

A. Yell at them from across the cafeteria.
B. Go and possibly beat them up if they didn't give it back.
C. Forget about it.
D. Go tell your parents and make the person pay you back.

2. If you saw a friend of yours getting beat up, what would you do?

A. Tell to stop it immediately.
B. Try to stop them, and if they didn't listen, possibly beat them up.....
C. Quickly walk away and look for a teacher to help you.
D. Go right up and pull your friend out of there, running away and then reporting it.

3. If you had to go on a journey, who would you bring with you?

A. A person you know would who be useful.
B. Nobody. You're a loner.
C. A family member.
D. Your best friend.

4. If you learned that you were about to be hunted, what would you do?

A. Start packing your things as quickly as possible and then run off.
B. Grab a bag, put food and change of clothes in it, take a horse, and ride off.
C. Go pale and about faint, and barely manage to escape alive.
(Remember, be honest on these)
D. Start freaking out, then realizing you're wasting time get your stuff and get away from there as quickly as possible.

5. What's your favorite thing to do?

A. Ride horses.
B. Do athletics.
C. Paint, sew, draw, etc.
D. Write and act.

OK, so........

Mostly As is Wyn.

Mostly Bs is Arawyn.

Mostly Cs is Abigail Jane Applegate.

Mostly Ds is Jessie Bender.

You can drag this one off if you're Wyn.

You can go and drag that off if you're Arawyn.

You drag this one off if you're Abigail.

And you can drag this one off if you're Jessie. :)

I really do hope that you guys enjoy this!!!! Please do pull the pictures off if you're that person. I'd love to see it on your blog the next time I visit!!!!!! :)


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, Lindy!! :) Who're you? I'm Jessie Bender, so that's why she's on the side of my blog. :P

  2. I'm a mix between Arawyn and Jessie.

    1. Well, you could take BOTH. :)
      Or you could just choose the one that you like the best. =D
      Thanks for taking the quiz, Madeline!!! :)

  3. I'm a mix between Abigail Jane Applegate and Jessie Bender. :)

    Great quiz, now I should probably read the stories of my characters.

    1. Two of my favorite characters!! :) You can take off both if you want, or just take off one. (BUT PLEASE TAKE OFF ONE!!!) =D (that's me laughing at myself haha) :)

      That'd be awesome if you did, Hannah!!! :) They're both on Rubberboot Girl. Thanks for taking it!!!!!!! :)

  4. Replies
    1. So cool!!! :) Thanks!! I'm so glad you liked it. =D

  5. Jessie Bender! Loved this quiz. Cant wait for more of Wyn :)

    By the way; love the names you give your characters!

    1. Great!!! =D (I got her, too) :) I'm thinking I'll be posting more tomorrow!!!

      Thanks. I love them, too!!

  6. Nice, I'm Wyn. I couldn't choose the last one. It was either C or D. I'm hoping and hoping to do horseback riding next year! My parents didn't let me do it this year. :( I'm determined to do horseback riding!!!
    Sorry about that ramble. XD

    But other than that, I chose all A's. :)

    1. Very awesome!! Gotta love the rearing rider. :) Yeah, I picked D, because I love to write and act!!! :) (just like Jessie Bender.) That is so cool, Jenny!!! I bet you'll be a GREAT rider!!! :)

      Oh, no, I loved to hear your rambling. :)

      Very cool!! I think I chose all Ds except for maybe one. :P

  7. I got Wyn! I'll post soon.
    ~Purple Pixie

    PS- I love all of your quizzes. :-)

  8. I loved it! I was mostly Wyn but Jessie Bender came in second. And that is so true. :)

    1. Thanks for taking, Jess!! :) AWESOME!!! =D

    2. your welcome! I LOVE quizzes! :D

    3. I love them, too!! :)

      (That's probably why I take my own.) =D

  9. I cannot belive it. I truly cannot belive it. I never would have thought it. I am Jessie Bender. Can you imagine?

    OH, my computer is still not working. I'm using someone else's computer.

    1. hahahahaha I probably would've thought Abigail Jane Applegate, but anyway..... But, take heart--I'm her, too. =D

      Oh, OK. :) We'll it's AWESOME to hear from you!!!!!!!! :)

  10. I'm Abigail! Fun quiz! :)


    1. That's awesome, Mysti!! Thanks. :) And thanks so much for taking it!! It means a lot!!!!! :)


    2. :) You make me smile too!


  11. I hope that didn't sound creepy! :)


  12. I love quizzes and was so excited to hear you had one! I was Jessie Bender!

    1. Cool!! Thanks for taking, Rebekah!! :)

  13. I just found your blog, a friend told me about it(: I took this quiz (i like quizzes) and I'm Jessie Bender. Pretty cool quiz! I like your blog and I think I'll follow it(: Have a great week!

    1. Cool!! Well, I'm glad you visited!! I always like to meet new people. :) So cool!! I'm her, too!! :) Thanks!!

  14. Replies
    1. So awesome!!!! haha she's pretty popular. =D

    2. I guess she's just so awesome, right? ;D

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  16. Replies
    1. Just pull the picture off and insert it on your blog. :)

  17. I have a two-way tie! I answered D to two, and C to two. Who am I?


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