If you skip down through the Liebster, there's another one...

I got awarded the Liebster award by Rebekah. :)

1. The person must list 11 things about them

1) I love acting. :)
2) I. LOVE. COMMENTS. Leave me on if you've stopped by. ;)
3) I love designing. If you need something designed (button, header, award, background, other) please talk to me!! :)
4) I love editing photos. :)
5) I get hate tornados.
6) Sometimes I get scared when there's one of those warnings because it's like "is it a tornado?!"
7) I've lived in a place before where tornados are frequent.
8) When I was kid I used to call tornado tomatoes.
9) I only like coffee if it's so done up (sugar, ice cream, sugar, milk, sugar, more sugar) so much that it's not coffee anymore. =D
10) I love making fake newspapers and comics on my computer. :)
11) I think I've been in a flood...... once..... long time ago....

2.  Answer the 11 questions that the tagger has set for you PLUS you MUST create 11 questions of your own for the 11 people you will nominate with this award   

Here is the questions Rebekah gave me...

1) Sweet or salty?

Both!! :)
2) Finding Nemo or The Chronicalls of Narnia?

Urggh....... oh, probably Narnia. :)
3) Running on the beach or a through a sea of grass?

Sea of grass!!
4) Favorite joke?

Ummm... Don't know. But this one is really funny:

Why do elephants paint their toenails red?
To hide in cherry trees.
Have you ever SEEN an elephant in a cherry tree?
Well, uh, no.
See? It works! =D

If you didn't get it.....

Like the nailpolish worked? You know? (I'm explaining this because there's sometimes been confusion when I've told it) So if you haven't ever seen it, then that means that the nail polish worked to hide the elephant in the cherry tree. Anywayyyyy........

5) Favorite soda?

6) Sweep or vacum?

7) Cat or dog?

8) True books or fiction?

9) Your opinion of a must see movie.

What I think is a "must see"? Hmm...................... Chronicles of Narnia? Lord of the Rings? Finding Nemo? Mulan? Yep. :)
10) Sweet tea or unsweet.

11) Ham or bacon?

You're killing me!! But probably bacon. :)

My questions for YOU:

1) Scarfs or none?

2) Hot chocolate or tea?

3) Running or typing?

4) Blog awards or character quiz awards?

5) Writing or reading?

6) [With your friends] Being in a movie or helping with the movie?

7) [worst fear] Tornadoes or fires? 

8) Snow or rain?

9) Scotland or Ireland?

10) Mulan or Beauty and the Beast?

11) Instrument or sport? (please name which kind of instrument or what sport)
3. Choose up to 11 bloggers linking them to your post

You know, it says "up to", but I guess I'll still try and get eleven. :P

Britt@Encouragement For Everyday Struggles
Grace@It's My Life
Jessa Bri@Life of a Michigan Homeschooler
Noelle@Praise Him With Dance
Lindy@Leave it to Lindy
EJ@Missie E.J.
Jenny@Artsy Peacock 
Jess@Rosalyn's Blog
Zoe@The Little Girl...
Abigail@Abigail: source of joy
Madeline May@Totally Me! :)

4.  Go to their page and inform them of the nomination

OK. =D
5.  Absolutely NO tag backs

6.  Remember to ONLY tag bloggers with less than 200 followers  

Will do!! :)

Now, speaking of awards, I just came up with a capital idea for a new one.

Yep, the race pace award. You'll see why it's named so in a moment.


1. The first place to put two comments on each of the blogger's who have this award on their blog blogs wins. (If that was confusing, explanation: the first place who puts two comments on all of my blogs will get this award. It's a race, isn't it? ;D)

2. If you win this award, you must answer the following questions:

Do you think you're fast?

What's your type of transportation? 

What's your style?

What's your sport/hobby?

What's "fast" and exciting about you?

3. If you have done the comments, leave another comment on the blog that this award is on. The person will check your claim, and then get back to you.

4. Good luck!! And may the best racer win. =D

Bye!!!! :)

By the way, I can't resist adding this.....


  1. Replies
    1. ah ah ah! Two comments!! =D haha OK, for your ingenuity that counts. :)

  2. Thanks so much for awarding me!! You are so sweet. Hopefully I can do the award soon! :)

  3. Cool Blog.
    Do you like horses?
    Check out my blog at

    1. Hey, Braelyn!! (I love that name, by the way....) Thanks for stopping by!
      I love horses in the sense that they are one of the most beautiful creatures that God has created and I love writing stories about them. :) If pursued by a roving band of vagabonds I would probably then urge a horse into a gallop. However, I normally don't really like horses because sometimes they scare me.
      I would love to check out your blog!! :) See you there!!

  4. I LOVE your new winter look! :D And thanks!

  5. ohhhhh yay im nominated!!! :D ill do it right now.


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